City of Splendors

Waterdeep, the greatest city and largest port of trade on Faerun, happens to be my hometown. Welcome, friends, to the City of Splendors! Tip a mug at The Yawning Portal Inn, or pay a visit to BlackStaff Tower, home of one of Faerun's most powerful archmages, Khelbun "Blackstaff" Arunsen. I would appreciate it if you would visit the temple of Finder Wyvernspur while here, donations appreciated, of course... and may the Nameless Bard bless you with lovely music for all time!

What's that you say? Waterdeep is too prim and proper for you? Aye... I can see the problem. This place reeks of the nobility... but are you truly prepared to visit the dark underside of the City of Splendors? Skullport is no place for the naive, friend! Even the experienced get their throats cut there! If you should decide to venture there, to that viper's nest of smugglers, thieves, criminals, and black-hearted rogues of all kinds, watch your step... and the same goes for those hearty adventurers who would visit the dark labyrinth beneath the city, Undermountain. It is no place for the faint-hearted!

Enough of that... the night is young, the ale flowing, and I have my harp at hand. Perhaps I might spin a few yarns upon my trusty strings for you? A tale or two of adventure, romance, and the rest? Yes? Well, then, listen well, to these tales of Waterdeep, its natives, and the deep dark secrets underneath...

Donations appreciated, of course... I am a bard!


Dark Companions

Murder Most Foul

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