Icewind Dale:

Land of the Moaning Wind

Surely there is no more dismal a place, aesthetically, than Icewind Dale. Flat, featureless, and inhospitable, your average Realmsian native would avoid the place completely, unless they have business there. And few people have 'business' there, except the bravest-or most desperate-of merchants. Otherwise, this place is the home of rogues, those who could not find a home anywhere else on Faerun.

Yes, Icewind Dale is home to tundra yetis, rogues, and the occasional merchant caravan. And did I forget to mention the wind, which never goes away, the everlasting, dreary, moaning wind that gives the dale its name?

Most notable about Icewind Dale is this, though: it is the home of Faerun's greatest hero-at least, he is the greatest in my eyes, and I am not the only one to think so-and his equally as heroic companions. Ranger, noble warrior, and rogue drow, Drizzt Do'Urden resides here, along with his fine companions: the fair Catti-brie, the gruff King Bruenor Battlehammer, the Barbarian Wulfgar, and the diminutive Regis.

I have written a rather lengthy ballad of Drizzt's life, as well as a few more light-hearted, humorous songs (don't let anyone tell you Drizzt Do'Urden doesn't have a sense of humor. I'm alive, aren't I?) about him. Would you care to listen to a few tales of this most noble of rangers, as well as others in this dreary land? Excellent! Kick back, then, and relax, and let me regale you with a few yarn



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