The Astral Plane
I do not think there is anything quite like the Astral Plane of Existence. It's the emptiest place in the multiverse, but it is also filled with interesting sights to see. You can find the bodies of dead gods--like statues from a temple, they are--and lots of junk and gateways and mysterious objects. But few people pass through the Astral Plane to sightsee... most travelers are only here temporarily, on their way somewhere else. A wizard friend of mine once told me that the Astral Plane was the Multiverse's Highway.
    Slaine didn't give me a chance to ask what a highway was. The silly, absent-minded wizard forgets that I am not as well-traveled in the planes of existence as he is, so I don't know all the terminology of the various planes. But I assume that a highway is a road upon which many people travel, on their way somewhere else. That describes the Astral Plane perfectly.

     You have left Toril, friend, and have entered the Astral Plane. That means you have access to a variety of different planes of existence. It isn't as thorough as Sigil, City of Doors, where gateways, while hard to find, are certainly not as widespread as in the Astral Plane. But do be careful as you travel through here, friend... in this vast emptiness, you might just accidently stumble on a portal of some sort... and not always to the most pleasant of places.

    I have a few yarns to spin concerning people and places that are most certainly OFF my homeworld of Toril. Would you care to hear them? Then relax, let yourself float calmly through the emptiness around you, and I shall tell you..........
Astral Tales (set in worlds not published by TSR)
The Contest-by Matt Searcy. Honorable combat turns into a deadly duel for the young monk Talanon.
Rollin's Song-by the Dark Bard. A wizard's nightmare becomes all too real....
Inner Demons-by the Dark Bard. Written for a college fiction workshop, this is really an exercise in the absurd. 
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