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DKPNA has a newsletter DAKAPA published quarterly. This is circulated to members free of cost and has lots of articles on stamp collecting. New Indian stamp issues are described with images. More details here.

84 P & T Colony 
R T Nagar 
Bangalore - 560 032 
Subscription (12 issues) Rs 125/-, US $ 10 by surface mail 
US$ 20 by airmail 

Published - MONTHLY

This is a very good magazine to subscribe to. It is not as colourful and big as Linns Stamp News but then the circulation and classifieds are also not many to make it commercially feasible. The articles are interesting. You can contribute to this magazine by writing to the editor Dr PS Dixit.
MIG#3464, Phase II, Dugri Road 
Ludhiana - 141002 
Subscription Rs 30/-, US$ 2 for single issue 
Rs 100/- , US $ 8 for 4 issues 
Rs 275/- , US $ 20 for 12 issues 

Published - QUARTERLY

An interesting magazine full of news. There were very few articles. It has a lot of information on new releases. The main draw back is it is a quarterly magazine. You can contribute to the magazine by writing to the editor Shri Suraj Jaitly. 
JPS Philatelic Bulletin 
PO Box 86 
Jamshedpur - 831001 
Annual Subscription Rs 240/- 

Published - QUARTERLY

This is the bulletin of Jamshedpur Philatelic Society. There are a few articles but the print quality is poor. You can write to the PO Box address subscription. Shri SS Basan is the editor. 
C/o Madan Middha
PO Box 31
Gwalior - 474 001
Annual Subscription Rs 60/- , US$ 10 

Published - QUARTERLY

This is the official organ of the Indian Topical Association. This small magazine has quite a few interesting articles. There is an appeal to readers to contribute more articles. The Thematic Telescope section gives the new issues worldwide on various themes.
South India Philatelist's Association
No 41, Perumal Mudali Street
Chennai - 600 079
Annual Subscription Rs 100/-

Published - BIMONTHLY

This is the official organ of the South India Philatelist's Association. An interesting magazine with lots of articles and stamp news. A detailed description of the new stamps released is a very informative feature. The Editor can be contacted for information regarding advertisements and articles at the above address.

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