He will give his angels charge to watch over you, to guard you in all your ways.

Angels are hiding nothing, therefore see everything


Hi again Angel Lovers!
I know, not much has been up dated on my pages for a while! well we'll change that! I'm gonna start working on my pages again, so just gimme a little patience. thank you. The only update I should inform you all of is that my e-mail address has been changed. but you still can simply click the animation at the bottom.

I have a few things I want to be adding to this page. And it might take a while. But I'm working on it, thank you for being patient.

Angel songs



A little about Miracle Angel

The best of Angel Links

Please put this dove on your website. It is the dove of peace. It has many meanings, and they are all different for each different person. I put this dove on my website in memory of those I've lost. Please load it onto your website and let everyone else know it's purpose. ~Miracle Angel

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