The time travel permits council of Britain and the world.

- Order! Order, please! -

The thud caused by the steel gavel on the plate made everyone in the world council cut the cackle.

- Very well… - The man spoke. – Will the jury please state for the record, the date and the case we’re closing in tonight?

Three identical young women stood and spoke at the same time.

- Time Travel case number 6032, section A, prevention of unnecessary death of two Beatles, July 17, the present year is 2680. They sat back down while judge Hops opened his case file, a hologram in the air, using only the touch of his finger. He read the cases of two dead Beatles. It was true; all four of the famous cuartet had been dead for ages. They had become just as big as Beethoven had in legend style, but something had gone wrong, completely wrong. It was time to set the record straight.

- Yes, I see…- Hops rubbed his brow. – One young artist and a forty year old musician…

- Judge Hops, - A young woman stood up. – We have brought the case forth because analysing time travel structures, we have reached the conclusion that neither of these men should have died when they did. –She approached the bench. – We have solicited this hearing to formally suggest we send a time traveller to set things right…

- Who is the solicitor? – Hops raised his face.

- My client… - She pointed at a young woman sitting behind the desk. –A direct descendant of the Sutcliffe clan.

- Has she been tested for visual DNA? - Hops leaned his face on his hand as it rested on his bench. – Has it been proven that this is indeed a direct descendant?

- Yes, Judge Hops, she has been thoroughly examined.

Visual DNA was the latest in genetic technology. All that was needed was an image of the ancestor for the delicate mechanism of the "DNA tracer" to scan it, recreate it and check all possible similitude in any body or facial structure. It could pick up DNA links dating as far back as nine hundred years.

- Very well…- Judge Hops spoke openly, as he touched the hologram and closed the files shut. –Let her approach and state her case.

The frail looking girl stood up and walked through the hissing crowds.

- Good day and life to you, Judge Hops. –She saluted. –I have come to request a time traveller to see to the protection of my ancestor and his friend.

- On which ground do you solicit this change in time frames? - Hops removed his glasses. –You do know that changing the process of time is a very delicate thing, don’t you? It could cause a serious movement in time and space, and the consequences could be hugely beneficial or irreparably damaging.

- I am aware of this, judge, and I have thoroughly seen to all the possibilities…- She opened up her own time file. –According to the files I have been studying, my ancestor, Mr. Stuart Ferguson Victor Sutcliffe, should have become a world class artist, and eventually an art film director… His movies will have been so influential they would have stopped the art war in the year 2050.

- Is that the war that caused the extinction of Art in its entirety? - Hops enquired.

- That’s correct.

- Well, then, it seems like a good cause. - He reopened his file to verify the information. After a brief pause, he minimised it, and looked at the girl.

- It’s solid, and thus, I will approve it. Now, regarding the other case…

- Yes, Judge. It’s the prevention of the murder of John Winston Ono Lennon.

- The infamous Beatle John! – He smiled. –Living legend. Too bad the art war left us with such reduced material of his as well as The Beatles’. - He reopened his file and went through every line. –Yes… Murdered for no reason.

- Judge, according to my studies, Mr. Lennon’s murder will be the only reason that The Beatles will not rejoin…

- Well, that’s just a circumstance, isn’t it? – He said, close to denying that part of her petition.

- But Judge, if The Beatles aren’t an active band by the year 1987, my ancestor, Stuart Sutcliffe, will not have any basis to make the influential movie that prevented the art war! Believe me, they are linked!

Hops gave her a suspicious glare, and went through his files carefully. He ordered a recess until the next morning to study what the scrawny young lady had told him.

Early next morning, the world council hearing was called again. Judge Hops sat back behind his bench and sighed heavily to the audience and the solicitor.

- I have spent all night searching for everything I was told here…- He took a drink of water. –I have concluded it’s solid, and time travellers will be assigned to look into both situations. – The courtroom cackled again, and he had to bang his gavel again. –Silence, please! However, I think I’d better warn you…- He addressed the young girl. – This is very delicate. Any alteration to the original plan could wind up in disastrous consequences, twice the magnitude of the art war. - He sat back and opened his hologram case file again. –I am appointing a young man to save Mr. Sutcliffe and a young woman to save Mr. Lennon. The training of the two time travellers will begin as of tomorrow. This hearing is now adjourned.

Bang, went the gavel!!!


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