Hi I'm Colady.
AKA. Cheryl. A little information about myself, I am a native of Lead,South Dakota but I live in Colorado. We have lived here 11 years!! Its ok, getting a tad crowded though!! I am married to a terrific guy by the name of Tony, who is a computer programmer for the VA, we've been for 21 years now and we have two beautiful little girls!! Some of my interests are music, gardening, biking and surfing the web. I do have a page on AOL but I wanted more room so here I am. I have a degree in Computer Science but am am staying home right now to raise my kids. One of the things I really enjoy is music. I like all kinds really, New Age, Rock & Roll, light rock. But the one and only group that I have ever kept up with is STYX (Yes, they are still around!) There are several places that I stop by quite often and its even more interesting because Tommy Shaw stops by to post!!
I have 2 kids, Amanda (9) and Stephanie(13). Steph is in eigth grade and loves to read, Mandy will is in fourth grade this fall, she is pretty excited! Stephanie is also a diabetic, she was diagnosed when she was only 4 years old. I have some excellent sites that give you lots of information about this horrible disease and the warning signs.
bowThis is the place where my daughter goes for her diabetes.
Barbara Davis Center
bowAnother excellent site for diabetes information, I have met some wonderful people here.children with DIABETES on-line COMMUNITY

bowHere is a page I have made for Stephanie.

bowAnd here is a page for Amanda, even though she doesn't get online much.
Here is Tony, Steph, Mandy and of course Beasley.
This picture of Beasley, he is 6 years old.
This is Stephanie, doesn't she look so grown up?
This is Amanda, isn't she cute?
Here is myself and the love of my life, Tony.
bow Here is a very special page, it is dedicated to people that I have loved and are no longer in my life.
Me morial Page
bowHere are the web rings I belong to. 
bowThis page is dedicated to my dogs, Barney and Charlie.
bowThis is my Christmas page, stop by and enjoy yourself.
bowHere is a pic of my all time favorite band. This a 1997 pic of STYX before they started their tour.


       bowAnd lets not forget about Glen Burtnik, the guy that   replaced   Tommy Shaw for a while. Rhonda's page has lots of information about this talented guy.

An Unofficial Glen Burtnik Web Page
bowYou can go here to get some awesome pics and interviews!!

Styx Renegade

bowHere is a Todd Sucherman page that Fiona has done. Love the pics!!

The Official Todd Sucherman Website

bowHere is another page I kind of just threw together, it has some great STYX pics on it!!
bowYou have to stop by Christi's page, because she's my best friend in the world!!
Snippy's Corner In Life
bowI had to adopt some cyber pets, of course I've had them a while, they just moved here.
These guys are really good, if you want romantic music, you must listen to them!!
98 Degrees: Official Site
bowHere are some pics I took of them in Aug. 1999.
bowHey I love to get virtual flowers, don't you?? Here is a link to take you right to some!!
Virtual Flowers

bowThis is a wonderful site, some great poems.

bowForget a birthday, anniversary?? never fear, just send an animated email.
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
    bow Need to get away?? Take a vacation!!
Virtual Presents - VACATION
Send a card from my site!! :)
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    1998 by Cheryl Feel free to drop me some mail! Love to know what you think of my page!! :)



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