Products that shift or atune your Energy field by charging and clearing blocks in your chakras.  An Alternative healing tool to become more self-actualized.
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A healer in Illinois wrote

Hi, I got a complete set a while back. I do use them on
clients. I basically put the chakra correlate on that area of the body.
Sometimes, I put one over the eyes and face...this color is an intuitively
picked one that their system needs.

A customer in Illinois wrote

I never draw "healing" I draw "helixes" a lot. I go through
cycles where I draw certain colors. I will draw warm colors for a
while, then when I draw cool colors I can feel the "shift."

Diana from South Carolina said

When I am feeling upset, I take the colors that I have matched on most recently and lay them on my neck and throat.  I sit and imagine myself breathing in the colors.  It is calming.  The next thing I know, I feel better. 

Barbara from Georgia wrote

I met a woman Monday who does healing touch and energy “unblocking” and I was going to call her, but I guess I won’t.  I’ll do your method instead. 

A new customer  wrote….

I have used the silks to cancel the effects of negative energy in my life.  I have since found out the bad effect that this negative energy was having in my life and how common place it is to be found in this world.

I use them with my Children!

The other day my 11 year old son was visiting (his mother and I are divorced) for some reason he had a major temper tantrum after talking to his mom.  This went on for over 15 minutes and showed no letting down.  I asked him to pull a color from the silks I held in my hand and he did.  With in a minute or so he had calmed himself down and started to explain what was bothering him and why.

I pulled them to have a nice vacation!!!

A new customer put the silks to the test on her vacation.  On a one week skiing vacation she pulled the silks several times and credited them for the following results:
1. Decreasing her anxiety about skiing (She is a fairly new skiier).
2. Reducing her anxiety about giving a good presentation to a group.  (This was a totally new experience for her and she was not prepared to make the presentation).
3. Eliminating her husbands fear of flying.  (She pulled for him to have a good flight going home and during the flight he had no sweaty palms.  Unfortunatly the landing was not part of the intention and they did experience a bumpy landing.) 
Always review your intention for missing information.
4. They pulled for having a good vacation together and she also credits the silks for this coming to fruition.
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