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1) Spread the silks out in front of you.  I recommend that you follow the layout diagram for orientation.
2) Begin with the intention card.  Read the printed intention out loud before you begin
3) The spirit cards (white) represent your spirit, your soul, your
intuition, your higher self, and are to be placed, without reading them. You are now ready to place the 14 spirit cards on the silk squares.
Trust your intuition, and repeat your intention as you place each card, face-down, on a different color of silk.
4)The mind cards (gray)  represent your mind, your ego,your individual will. Place each mind card face up on the color of silk that seems most appropriate to you.
5) Turn over the white cards and look
for a match.  You will find that the powerful field in the silks aligned with your spirit's intention will increase the statistical  probability of a match from 1 in 10 to almost 1-1.
A single match indicates your spirit and your mind are aligned on the intention you set and your soul is helping you pick the appropriate healing color. You will recognize a single match when the same word appears on the mind card and the spirit card on the same color of silk.  (For example, on the red silk the mind card and the spirit card are both “peace”)
The vibration in the Silks are aligned with the human body. Once your mind and spirit are aligned
you have accessed your soul for help. To receive healing energy, wear the silk tucked into a waistband, an undergarment, or in your pocket.  While wearing the silk focus your thoughts on your intention a couple times a day and see how you and the silks make that intention come through.
White cards layed face down, gray cards face up.

Turn over gray cards and find a match.
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Statistical probability of a match is approx. 1 in 10.  You will find that you get a match on almost every draw when setting an intention that is for The Greatest Good .
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