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Field of Silks is a collaborative effort of three individuals’ search for their souls.  The first was Connie our creative partner and resident artist whom after much experimentation happened upon a process of dyeing silks that gave off unique vibrational energies.  After this experimentation process she met up with an "energy healer" (Gwen) that immediately saw the potential in these silks as a healing tool. The question was in what form did this tool work best.  It was with her guidance that led to a better understanding of the tool’s power and use.  Two pieces of a three-legged stool were now in place. The last piece or leg was for them to find some one that understood how to bring this tool to the masses. When both Connie and Gwen realized this, along comes Bill.  Bill is another energy sensitive individual that just happens to have over 20 years of sales and marketing in his background and is changing careers to become a "Life Coach".  When he is shown the silks, he immediately feels their power and sees the path for bringing these unique products to the seekers of a new enlightenment. Now all the partners feeling that a strong three-legged stool (Connie Gwen and Bill) was in place it was now time for the launching of a new enlightened Company  "Field of Silks".  The name was chosen because of it synchronicity with these three concepts:

     Build it and they will come.
          We built it and you are reading this thus seeking something in
           life that you do not have.
     Ease the pain
          The products we will offer will help ease your physical and emotional
           pains in life.
     Stay the course
          Seeking a new enlightenment is a journey and to reach it, it
           will take time and just like any journey there will be bumps
           in the road.  So stay the course, ask for help along the way
           when needed and use our Silks to shorten the journey and
           make it more pleasurable.

You may contact us the following email address.




Uniquely designed energy products to: start a healing process, support your energy field needs, open your chakra's, block negative energy, put you in the zone, bringing you peace and harmony.
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