"Chakras", which means "wheels" in Sanskrit, are points of energy running along our spine. Ancient Hindus formulated that there were seven of these energy wheels, each a different color and spinning in a clockwise direction. Interestingly enough, the spacing of chakras actually match major nerve or endocrine centers in the body.

The chakras can become easily blocked, making us feel sick or out of balance. You can clear the chakras by visualizing cleansing light pouring into them.

The first chakra: also called "the root chakra." Located at the base of the spine. It is linked to survival instincts and our ability to ground ourselves in the physical world. Blockage manifests as paranoia, defensiveness.

The second chakra: located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity. Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

The third chakra: located behind the solar plexus, which gives us a sense of our personal power in the world. Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.

The fourth chakra: the heart chakra, which gives us the ability to express love. Blockage can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.

The fifth chakra: located in the throat, directly tied to creativity and communication. Blockage manifests as problems like laryngitis or sore throats, creative blocks or general problems communicating with others.

The sixth chakra: "the third eye." Located between the eyebrows, this chakra is the seat of intuition and awareness. Blockage manifests as sinus or eye problems.

The seventh chakra: "the crown chakra", located at the top of the head. This is "related" to one's personal spiritual connection to the universe. Blockage manifests as psychological problems.

Partial Source: "Inner Innovations", Fall 1995
What's A Chakra?
Red - Base Chakra - Survival
This Chakra is realated to your survival needs. The Sanskrit Sound is "LAM".
Orange - Spleen Chakra - Sexuality
The second chakra is related to your sexuality. Sanskrit sound is "VAM"
Violet - Crown Chakra - Inspiration, Connection to Divine Source Higher mental processes, Connection to our God Self.
Blue - Throat Chakra - Expresssion, Communication, Articulation
This chakra relates to our creativity and how we express it. The Sanskrit Sound is "HAM"
Green - Heart Chakra - Love/Ego
This Chakra relates to our Relationship with others. The Sanskrit sound is "YAM"
Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Power/Self Healing
The Solor Plexus is our power center, relating to the material
Indigo - Brow Chakra - Concepts, Ideas, Creativity
This relates to our thinking, spiritual vision. The Sanskrit sound is "AUM
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