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At Fields of Silks our mission is to help people put control back into their lives; to give you (or a healer) the tools (field kits)                that give "you the ability" to power your fields and release negative energy. These tools will help accelerate the process to remove the blocks in your field to increase the flow of your life force.

These New Age tools are designed to:

        Help you start a healing process or continue a process
         already started. 

        Open your body's natural energy flow (Chakras)
           (for brief explanation of chakras)

        Direct this natural power of your energy field to attract
        those things to you necessary to achieve your goals.

         Block negative energy that upsets goal achievement
          and causes stress in your life.

         Find the "Zone" for your life's work.

You get all of this at a reasonable one time cost.
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Get connected to your past!!!
Would you like the ability to . . .
? Improve relationships?
? Eliminate Fear?
? Achieve your goals?
? Find the (Zone) in your life?
? Improve your life?

If so, then read on because that ability is within you—and you don’t have to take a weekend seminar to make it happen!
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Uniquely designed energy products to: start a healing process, support your energy field needs, open your chakra's, block negative energy, put you in the zone, bringing  you peace and harmony.
You are about to start on a journey that will change your life for the better
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