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West Palm Beach

So you've come to see me and my page.
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I'd like to welcome you to my little bit of the World Wide Web. I work for the Department of Homeland Security. I travel for
my job and I'm getting ready for 4 months in the "Final Frontier". No, not space. Alaska. I've been to DC, New York, Nantucket, South Florida and Denver as well.
It's not a bad job at all.

And you can click here to see pictures from the various trips.


Well, if you'd look down the page a bit, you'll notice I have several links to Ice Hockey things.

I'm a big hockey fan, and the Colorado Avalanche just happen to be my team

and Patrick Roy had been one of my favorite players;
I'd followed his career since he'd been with the Montreal Canadiens.

Click here to see a picture of him. We're gonna miss Paddy Roy. Good luck to him in retirement.

I also think Joe Sakic is a great player. And this is a feature from ESPN.com about Joey.

And while we're on the subject of sports, check out one of my favorite baseball players.

He is from the National League Champions,and first time World Series visitor Houston Astros, Mr. Craig Biggio .

If you want to discuss either the Avs or 'Stros on instant messenger, I'm always willing to chat.

Click here to see an old but still good picture of me...

This picture is one of me in Denver, outside of the Statehouse.

And this picture is from my recent trip to Minneapolis and the Mall of America



ESPN.com, a member of the GO network

Yahoo the best search engine

The Scottish Lion - This is a site dedicated to various Scottish imports, including excellent music, food, jewelry, and a tartan finder - find your family's colors.

Viva Las Vegas!!!!
(And while Las Vegas is in your mind, click here to see a picture of New York City in Las Vegas - and, yes, that is a roller coaster track in the foreground.)

This will take you to pictures from my vacation in PARADISE. It was INCREDIBLE!

This is a picture of Justin Hayward when I met him October 3, 2002 in Chester, West Virginia, just before the opening concert of the 2002 fall tour.

Moody Blues "I know you're out there somewhere". You can click here for a full size picture of them.

And these are my HOCKEY links...the most important part of this page, I think.

The Colorado Avalanche Home Page

Pictures of the Avs

NHL, the coolest game on earth!

Another Patrick Roy page