"In 1879, Wundt said 'Let there be psychology.' And behold, there was darkness."
--Henry Gleitman

Hi! Welcome to my collection of psychology-related links!

This page is constantly under construction-I add new pages and update old links frequently. I think each page has value to the student of psychology, especially the beginner, but there is something for everyone here.

An Introduction to Psychology
The Tactics of Psycholgical Research
Biological Processes
Human Development
Sensation and Perception
Learning From Experience
Remembering and Forgetting
Thought and Language
Motivation and Emotion
Social Psychology
Psychological Disorders
Stress and Health

These sites have links back to this one. Please have a visit if they look interesting!
Athabasca University Centre for Psychology Resources
Ed Psych Central, from Loyola University
PsycWorld University Library Reference Desk
Reider Research in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
The Social Studies Department at Cold Spring Harbor High School
If you know of any more, please let me know.

In my opinion, the best book you can get that covers all of these
topics is Psychology: The Adaptive Mind by James S. Nairne.
(ISBN: 0534390579)
You can buy it and/or almost any other college textbook at
The Barnes & Noble Website.
They have great prices, fast shipping, and they'll even buy the books back when you are done!

~~@ Instructors interested in possibly adopting this book can ~~@
~~@ click here to order a free review copy. ~~@


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This page is dedicated to Dr. Robert Crowder (1939-2000), who supervised the graduate
work of the man who is now my undergraduate advisor and mentor here at Purdue University.
Thank you, sir, for giving me Jim. You have touched more lives than you'll ever know.

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"We can do no great things; only small things with great love."
--Mother Teresa


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