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I used to have a much longer list of paid email programs and such, but I took a long hiatus from doing such things, and over that time, many went out of business or had other problems. The ones listed here on this new page are ones that continue to be in business after at least two years, and still seem to be worth the time to use.

You can still visit my old page, if you like, at:

I don't advise it, though-just watch this version of the site for future updates.

Please do note that I am gradually building up a new list of paid-to-read-email programs that I am trying. I don't know for sure if they will work, but do visit my page, if you like, and decide whether or not to join for yourself. Good luck!
My list is located here:

Thank you very much for your interest! I hope your stay here is fun and profitable!

Paid to Read Email:
Swappers And Collectors

Paid to Surf:
Cash Surfers
Degoo Surfbar

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