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***Important Notice***
I recently recieved an email from a concerned patron of the site regarding the fact that some of the organizations
on this list use animal experimentation. For my views on this issue, please click here.

A very special thank you goes out to
~@ Gordon and Connie Norwood ~@
for letting me know about the sites marked with a * !

New 9/8/01! (Thanks, Dianne Johns!)

Environment and Animals:* (Thanks, Marlean Fredriksson!) (Thanks, Allan Turner!)***

Helping Others Help Themselves (my favorite kind of site!):
New 9/8/01! (Thanks, Magnus!), John Cannon!)

Hunger/Lack of Shelter:

Been wondering what happened to The Hunger Site?
It went bankrupt, but now has a new owner!
Click Here to Learn More!
(And many thanks to Dianne Johns for telling me about this!)*, Mehul Shah!)** (Thanks, Noah Jackson!)
New 9/8/01! (Thanks, Dianne Johns!)

International Issues:**

Non-English Sites:
New 9/8/01! (Thanks, Magnus!)*
New 9/8/01! (Thanks, Magnus!)

Women, Children, and Youth: (Thanks, Brian Horne!) *** (Thanks, Allan Turner!)

Multiple Issues:* (Thanks, Brian Horne!) (Thanks, Korry and Carma Rogers!)* (Thanks, Dave Anderson!)****
Please note: was removed on 8/11/01 when I found out it had become a porn site. When Gordon and Connie Norwood originally told me about it, it actually was a click-to-donate site. They do not patronize or endorse pornographic sites, and neither do I. I profusely apologize to them and to anyone who may have gone to the site and been offended.

To find out about more ways to help worthy causes at little or no cost to you, click on the following link!

Do you know of any sites I've missed? Please email me and let me know! I'll add it as soon as I can! (Please also let me know if it's okay to acknowledge you as the contributor here on the web page and if you want an email and/or web page linked to your name or if you want it just in plain text.) Other questions or comments are also welcome!

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