The Mini & Its Variants  Part 2

There have been countless MINI variants built and continue to be built. Here are just a few. This list will be built up as soon as I can arrange them. Click on the pictures.

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Factory Cabriolet

Factory 'Clubman' Des Res. Lowered

MINImoke2.JPG (44497 bytes)

mini-vtec.jpg (24731 bytes) USpushpull.jpg (7797 bytes) skoda2.jpg (17878 bytes)
Factory 'Jeep' Moke. Honda 2.0l 16v Goes both ways! MINI Cooper Skoda!
minifull.JPG (51846 bytes) mitp9908.jpg (66835 bytes) shortmini_copy.jpg (43315 bytes) suzuki2.jpg (38893 bytes)
How many in a MINI Well modified. Chopped MINI Suzuki engined MINI
terrapin2.jpg (23727 bytes) CrshdElf7.JPG (52630 bytes) wpe31.gif (91119 bytes) wpe33.jpg (8198 bytes)
MINI Terrapin S/Str Highly modified Elf 4WD TwiniMini Road/Race 
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Year 2001 (spy shot) Year 2001 (spy shot) Y2001??  
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