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Mini Racing Tyres


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When you drive your car like this...




                 ...your tyres end up like this...


This is a Dunlop Racing 'Green Spot' tyre from the above car, an Austin Mini Cooper S 999cc.

The tyre completed  a warming up lap, a slowing down lap, and  20 laps of racing, from brand new. A total of 58.3 miles around Brands Hatch Circuit, in England.

The top of the tyre was originally flat with both sides having a sharp angle.

The right shoulder has been completely 'rounded off.' by the car travelling sideways, to slow down, without using the brakes. This is the fastest way through a corner.

The centre tread is worn mainly in accelerating out of the corner.

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Tyre2.jpg (17042 bytes) On the right hand (outside) of the tyre, you can see that the tread  has been pushed into the tread pattern gaps under sideways pressure. On forward motion again the rubber pops back out causing the 'dinosaur-back like' scales to appear. The forward travel then very quickly rubs these off too. The shoulder pattern angle has almost gone. Whereas the inside (left) is almost original...


...but it hasn't escaped. The twisting stresses of the sideways motion has caused parts of the tread to break off, although the tread pattern above it looks intact.

These tyres are cross plies and are used with Dunlop Racing tubes, and run at 60lbs./

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