Toolrack 3


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These are are very simply made, and consist of two lengths of metal bar machined to a taper at one end, with a stepped reduction at the other, which is threaded. The 2 piecesof flat bar are bent for stability and two allow the nuts to be fitted to the uprights..


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This shews the stands in use. the tapers permit any size of stud hole to be used, and the head can be either way up. Lapping valve seats in, compressing valve springs and head grinding are all much easier to do. the fact that the two legs are independent also means that they can be skewed to clear valve lifters etc. this also helps with choosing stud-holes. Very useful.


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Panel Beating Tools.

A few of my bodywork tools. From the back, they are:- A flat file, made into a shrinking bumper; One of many cold chisels; An extremely useful, perfectly square, steel cube (made at a shipyard in the 1950's); A multi shaped GP Dolly; A multi-purpose Spoon; A Hide Leather/Copper hammer; A rubber hammer: A Bumping/Dinging panel hammer; A square/round domed panel Planishing Hammer.





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