MINI Racing 3


Packed up and going home after a nice, second win on the trot, on consecutive Sundays, at Lydden, but with my new trailer this time. It was rare for me to get two weekends running to go motor-racing.


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above) In the Paddock, with our son, Gawaine. above) 4WD 2596cc TwiniMINI Austin (AND) Morris Cooper 'S'  Airborne, really 'flying'. all four wheels off the ground. You can tell that the rear wheels are driving iin this shot.
right)  Sideways braking.   See  the direction of the debris and  me looking through the near side window. AxSdwys.jpg (37641 bytes) left & above) On both these pictures there is almost, more dust in the air, than on the ground. The white cloud is steam from the wet earth, 'not' oily engine smoke.
On the way home, again on the tow rope, we went through the Dartford Toll Tunnel. My brother Bob, pulled up at the toll booth, and paid his money. I had my hand out with mine. The Minis then had sliding windows, and as the man tried to get my money, Bob took off in great haste leaving the collector with an astonished look on his face as I went by at about 60 mph. I don't think he realised that I was being towed!
I raced a lot at Brands Hatch because it was nearby. In late November 1966 I was in a race at Brands Hatch, there were 24 cars in the race on the 'Club' circuit. (On the GP circuit it's 36). I was delighted to find I was on the front row of the grid. The race started, and off we went...
...I was still 2nd going into Druids, which is a 180 degree hairpin when Gerry Amato's Ford Anglia clipped my nearside corner and being a FWD I was understeering like crazy, and my car flipped around facing the oncoming traffic. Gerry went wide and a few cars who could see me scrabbled through but Willie Green, (who is still racing now, in 1998), and I met each other nose to nose.
Tyre Smoking
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Druids Corner at Brands Hatch Paddock Bend @ Lydden Circuit


My car seemed OK, although a number of others - about 7 - had concertinad. I hand-braked my car around and took off in chase, aware that they would all have to reduce speed when they came to the Yellow flags warning about the wrecked cars.
Down the hill from Druids. Left hand turn at Bottom Bend. I could see the leaders coming out of Clearways. I would be able to catch up, because of the yellow flags being out. I had the advantage of knowing why they were out.
While you cannot overtake under the yellow flag, I could catch up, as I had a clear track ahead of me. Left into Kidney Bend, I was well up to speed and closing on the tail enders. Turn right into Clearways, ...more right, ..more right, ...nothing! I smacked into the grassy bank at a great rate of knots, the ambulance came out, and they got me out through the rear window. The following week I was on the front, (and the back),  of the papers!  But for all the wrong reasons.  Continued...

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Click to see the "Motoring News" newspaper front page article.

 The writing next to the picture says:-

"There was I m'Lord, in car number 64, bombing around Brands Hatch when suddenly I was encountered by this oncoming mob of whining machines. Well your Worships I tried to take evasive action, but...  ...well you can imagine what happened."

Perhaps it didn't happen quite like that but Ken Appleby certainly found himself with a touch of the backs-to-front, when the pack stormed into Druids for the second heat of the Edward Lewis Trophy Race on Sunday.

Now turn to the back page to see how Ken's Cooper S - and car number 69 entered by Willie Green - fare in this unusual situation. Even the Marshall couldn't quite make head or tail of it, judging by his stance. But you must admit it's ONE  way of heading for Druids. although perhaps not the safest!


As soon as I have recovered the back-page I will scan it and put that up too!

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