Workshop Tactics

Flip-Fronting the MINI 3/5


I cut out the bonnet so that access to the engine bay could be made without removing the entire front end. So, to retain the stiffness, I used alluminium stiffeners either side which have little brackets I made for Dzus fasteners to be attached to. At the wind-screen edge I fitted quick release pins fitted vertically, with a diagonal bracket welded to the body.

To remove the bonnet you undo the Dzus fasteners with a coin, then release the quick release pins and lift the bonnet off. To refit it you first ensure the little fitment on the bonnet is under the strengthened alluminium section at the front on the slam panel.

Just forward of the point where the Dzus fasteners are situated I got a section of steel tube, and brazed on each end a nut, which allowed a Rose-joint to be screwed into it. I made a bracket at each side which the rose-joint bolts onto. This put back a large amount of the stiffness, which is lost by cutting out the bonnet

Quite a lot of people don't like air dams on a MINI but I have mixed feelings. I like them with and I like them without, as long as they are properly blended in and aren't obviously just screwed on.






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