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Welcome to my web page.  Wicca is a major part of my life and I wish to share that with all of you.  If you are uncomfortable dealing with a frank discussion on earth-based religions please read no further.  Wicca is a modern religion based upon the ancient practices of pre-christian Europe.  Wiccans do not worship the devil and follow a very strick moral code which requires us to take full responsibilty for all of our actions.  "An Ye Harm None, Do what Ye will" is our Rede.  The phrase "do what Ye will" has been interpreted as us saying we can do whatever we what, however it is far more meaningful than that.  Wiccans believe that "the will" can alter reality through prayer and magick, thus doing what you will is creating a better reality by changing yourself and your environment without harming anyone.  Wiccans believe that the world is sacred and that thus environmentalism is a religious duty.  In addition,Wiccans worship a divine creator divided into a God and Goddess explaining the basic duality of the universe.  To learn more follow my links!
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