In October of 2002 the Juggernaut as we know him suddenly disappeared from Marvel Comics. For the next 4 years he would be replaced with a surreal, neutered misrepresentation of himself. As the months rolled by hope of the character ever being restored started to dim. The future looked bleak, and this site was on the verge of shutting down(
click for details). But as fate would have it the Juggernaut finally fell into the hands of capable writers who recognized his plight. And just as all seemed lost, they stepped in to rescue him from his sentence of terrible misportrayals and off-brand mutant hero teams.

So the Unstoppable Juggernaut Homepage would like to give huge, HUGE thanks to writers Frank Tieri and Christos Gage for finally bringing the Juggernaut back after far too long. They saved not only the character, but this site as well.

Enter the Unstoppable Juggernaut Homepage
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