Interpretation of AKC rules

Agility is a sport in which dog & handler must navigate an obstacle course. The general purpose is to demonstrate the dog's willingness to work with it's handler under a variety of conditions and also provides good training for search & rescue dogs. There are three different levels of competition: Novice, Open, and Excellent which require dogs to demonstrate higher levels of training and interaction with their handlers. Each level or "class" has five height divisions to determine the height of the jumps: 8 inches (for dogs 10 inches & under at the withers, 12 inches (for dogs 14 inches & under at the withers), 16 inches (for dogs 18 inches & under at the withers), 20 Inches (for dogs 22 inches & under at the withers), and 24 inches (for dogs 22 inches & over at the withers). With each class the course gets more difficult and there are more obstacles to navigate and each height division has different qualifying times to beat with the larger dogs having less time to complete the course.
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