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4 James Thomas Brown.

Born 4 Jul 1920. Died 24 May 1947 in Traveler's Rest, SC. He married Marjorie Jean Earhart.

5 Marjorie Jean Earhart.

Born 3 Sep 1923. Died 15 Mar 1968 in Lantana, Florida.

6 Flave Douglas Dalton.

Born 8 Sep 1906 in Henderson County, NC. Died 30 Aug 1982 in Hendersonville, NC. Buried 1 Sep 1982 in Shaw's Creek Church Cemetary. He married Mary Rachel Rouse.

7 Mary Rachel Rouse.

Born 11 Nov 1906 in Burlington, KY. Died 28 Feb 1945 in Hendersonville, NC. Buried in Shaw's Creek Church Cemetary.

G Grandparents

8 Ralph Thomas Rodenham Brown

(see reference note #3). Born 1902 in Greenville County SC. Died 22 Nov 1954. He married (first wife) Maud Helen "Ellen" Justice.

9 Maud Helen "Ellen" Justice.

Born 10 Jul 1903 in Hendersonville, NC. Died 23 Oct 1945 in Hendersonville, NC.

10 Charles Earhart.He married Zella Queens.

11 Zella Queens.

12 James Benjamin Dalton. He married Dovie Estelle Anders.

13 Dovie Estelle Anders.

Born 16 Jan 1881. Died 27 Jul 1968 in Shaw's Creek Church Cemetary.

14 William Otho Rouse M.D.

Born 1868 in Kentucky. Died Circa 1942 in NC. He married Katherine Mary Crigler, 21 Jun 1899.

15 Katherine Mary Crigler.

Born 26 Mar 1875. Died 3 Jul 1919.

GG Grandparents

16 Edward Silas Brown. Born 3 Oct 1875 in Greenville County, SC. Died 18 Sep 1940 in Greenville County, SC. Buried at Enoree Baptist Church-Greenville, SC. He married Hattie Lorraine Capell.

17 Hattie Lorraine Capell. Born 2 Jun 1875 in Greenville, SC. Died 7 May 1940 in Greenville, SC.

18 Leander Sylvester Justice. Born 6 Jun 1873 in Hendersonville, NC. Died 31 Jan 1964 in Hendersonville, NC. Buried in Oakdale Cemetary, Hvl, NC. He married Martha Jane "Etta" Redden.

19 Martha Jane "Etta" Redden.

24 Elijah Dalton. He married Janice Cox.

25 Janice Cox.

26 Julius Pinckney Anders. "Jules".

Born 1862. Died 1935. He married Julia Ann McCrary.

27 Julia Ann McCrary.

Born 1862. Died 1922.

28 Jacob William Rouse.

Born 15 Jan 1839 in Hebron. Died 1916. Buried in Hebron Cemetary. He married Mary Elizabeth Clore, 26 Mar 1865.

29 Mary Elizabeth Clore.

Born 1846. Died 31 Jul 1883.

30 Theodore Aaron Crigler.

Born 19 Apr 1846 in Boone County, Kentucky. He married Mary Emily Rouse.

31 Mary Emily Rouse.

Born 17 Aug 1849.

GGG Grandparents

32 Leonard Lawrence Brown. He married Sarah Elizabeth Neill/Neal.

33 Sarah Elizabeth Neal. Born 1839. Died 1920.

36 John Thomas Justice. Born 1 Jan 1843. Died 27 Mar 1912. He married Martha Jane Hyder.

37 Martha Jane Hyder.

48 James Elijah "Lige" Dalton. Born 15 Apr 1846, Died 20 Jul 1912. He married Sarah Jane Cox.

49 Sarah Jane Cox. Born 7 Oct 1854, Died 27 Apr 1925.

52 Lindsey Baker Anders.

Born 1822. He married Nancy Cooksy Capps.

53 Nancy Cooksy Capps.

Born 1823. Died 1900.

54 Columbus McCrary. Born 1825. Died 1869. He married Lucinda Jones.

55 Lucinda Jones. Born 1832.

56 Henry Rouse.

Born 19 Jun 1813 in Boone County, Kentucky. Died 13 Jul 1849. He married Mary Ann Crigler, 3 Mar 1835.

57 Mary Ann Crigler.

Born 9 Jul 1813 in Madison County, VA. Died 26 Jun 1888 in Boone County, Kentucky.

60 Aaron Crigler. Born 3 Mar 1815 in Boone County, Kentucky. Died 1 May 1850. He married Julia Crigler, 18 Oct 1836 in Boone County, Kentucky.

61 Julia Crigler. Born 23 May 1815 in Madison County, VA. Died 18 Sep 1850.

62 Jonas Rouse. Born 18 Jan 1826. Died 13 Jul 1890. Buried in Hebron Cemetary. He married Mary Catherine Crigler, 27 Nov 1845 in Boone County, Kentucky.

63 Mary Catherine Crigler. Born 18 Nov 1827. Died 8 Jul 1898.

GGGG Grandparents

64 Edmond Brown. Born 1814. Died 1853. He married Nancy Edwards.

65 Nancy Edwards. Born 1812. Died 1862.

72 Phillip Brittain Justice. Born 1818. Died 9 Jan 1909. He married Eyetee Bailey.

73 Eyetee Bailey. Born 1816 in Georgia.

74 J. Hampton Hyder. He married Louisa Hill.

75 Louisa Hill.

106 John Capps. Born 1795. He married Mary Chadwick.

107 Mary Chadwick.

108 Boyd McCrary. Born 1798. Died 1848. He married Charity Merrill.

109 Charity Merrill. Died Circa 1870/1880.

110 Solomon Jones. "The Roadbuilder"

Born 7 Mar 1802. Died 23 Apr 1899. Buried on top of Mt. Hebron, Henderson County, NC.

Solomon Jones is credited with surveying and building many of the roads in Henderson County. He has more than 200 decendants living today.

He married Mary Hamilton.

111 Mary Hamilton.

112 William Phillip Rouse Sr. Born 22 Dec 1790 in Culpepper County. Died 1860 in Boone County. He married Rose Ann Beeman.

113 Rose Ann Beeman. Born 1790 in Boone. Died 1863 in Limeberry Road.

114 Jacob Crigler Rev. Born 15 Jan 1778 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died 14 Jul 1847 in Boone County, Kentucky. Buried in Hopeful Cemetary, Boone Co., KY.

Jacob Crigler served in the War of 1812. He served as Pastor of the Hebron Lutheran Church of Madison, Va until April 1819, when he moved to Berlin, Pennsylvania and served as pastor or Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church until April 1, 1834. He then moved to Florence, Boone County, Kentucky, where he served as the second Pastor of the Hopeful Lutheran Church. Jacob Crigler was President of the Synod of the West, and assisted in organizing Synods in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. He also organized quite a few churches during this time. His will is recorded at Madison County, Virginia in Will Book 9, page 487. We do not know why it is recorded there, as he lived the remainder of his life in Boone County, Ky.

He married Nellie Tanner, 20 Sep 1808 in Madison County, VA.

115 Nellie Tanner. Born 8 Oct 1788 in Madison County, VA. Died 12 Feb 1855 in Boone County, Kentucky.

120 Lewis Crigler. Born 25 Jun 1785 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died 9 Jul 1851 in Kentucky. He married Jemima H. Utz, 21 Nov 1809 in Madison County, VA.

121 Jemima H. Utz. Born 9 Apr 1790. Died 4 Apr 1870.

122 same as ahnentafel number 114

123 same as ahnentafel number 115

124 same as ahnentafel number 112

125 same as ahnentafel number 113

126 Nicholas Crigler.
5G Grandparents

128 John H. Brown. Born 1787. Died 1874. He married Susannah Miller.

129 Susannah Miller. Born 1783. Died 1874.

144 James Dyar Justice. Born 1788. Died 1857. He married Anthroit Thomas.

145 Anthroit Thomas. Born 1789. Died 1829.

212 William Capps Jr. Born 1764. Died 1847. He married Nancy Cooksy.

213 Nancy Cooksy. Born 1776 in Canada. Died 1852.

216 Hugh McCrary. Born in Ireland. He married Elizabeth/Jane Burton Clark.

217 Elizabeth/Jane Burton Clark. Born in Holland.

220 Thomas Jones. He married Lucinda Hicks.

221 Lucinda Hicks.

222 Robert Hamilton. He married Ann Orr.

223 Ann Orr.

224 Jacob Rouse. Born 1758 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died 29 May 1833 in Boone County, Kentucky 4. He married Anna Weaver, 1783 in Virginia.

225 Anna Weaver. Died 3 May 1843.

228 Aaron Crigler. Born 9 Jul 1756 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died Aug 1832.

Aaron and his wife, Catherine, communed at Hebron Church until 1807. Aaron and his wife Barbara communed together until 1812 Abraham Crigler was the sponsor of most of the children of this family when they were Christened. Aaron Crigler lived about two miles down the river from Criglersville, the old house being about a half mile below the family graveyard. Mr. Claude L. Yowell of Madison has an old tobacco box that was used by Aaron. This box is made of chestnut wood and nailed together with shop nails.Crigler-Kriegler Genealogy 1660-1966, 1967, Published by Arther D. Crigler, 310 Pine Hill Drive, Mobile, Alabama.

He married Catherine Crisler.

229 Catherine Crisler.

230 Frederick Tanner. Born Circa 1748/1750 in Virginia. Died 1818 in Boone County, Kentucky. He married Mary Rouse, 1772/1773.

231 Mary Rouse. Born in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died Circa 1815 in Boone County, Kentucky.

240 same as ahnentafel number 228

241 same as ahnentafel number 229

242 Ephraim Utz. Died 1848 in Kentucky. He married Christina Blankenbecker.

243 Christina Blankenbecker. Born 1760. Died 1844.

6G Grandparents

256 William Brown Sr. Died 1823. He married Mary Barbare.

257 Mary Barbare.

288 Thomas E. Justice. Born 1740. Died 1805. He married Mary Dyar.

289 Mary Dyar.

448 Matthias Rouse. Born 1723 in Culpepper County, Virginia. Died 1806 in Madison County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth.

449 Elizabeth.

450 Peter Weaver Jr. Died 1817 in Madison County, VA. He married Maria/Mary Elizabeth Hoffman/Huffman.

451 Maria/Mary Elizabeth Hoffman/Huffman. Born 29 Jul 1736 in Germany.

456 Nicholas Crigler. Born 1723 in Germana, Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He married Margaret Kaifer, 1749.

457 Margaret Kaifer.

458 Theobold Crisler. Died 1776 in Culpepper County, Virginia.       Also listed as Theobald Christler

From Second Germanna Colony of 1717, The Germanna Record, #6, June, 1965, Reprinted 1970. Page 79. A fuller treatment needs to be made later regarding many of these families who settled near the Robinson River from 1728 on. However, we shall give only a very brief and summary statement here: 11. Theobald Christler was deeded land in Orange Co. as early as 1736

       He married Rosina Gaar.

459 Rosina Gaar. Born 8 Nov 1713 in Illenschwang, Mittelfranken, Bavaria. Died 1178 in Culpepper County, Virginia.

460 Christopher Tanner. He married Elizabeth Aylor.

461 Elizabeth Aylor.

462 same as ahnentafel number 448

463 same as ahnentafel number 449

484 George Utz. Died 1808 in Madison County, VA. He married Mary Kaifer.

485 Mary Kaifer.

486 Michael Blankenbecker. Born 1728 in Virginia. He married Elisabeth Barbara Gaar II.

487 Elisabeth Barbara Gaar II. Born 11 Feb 1729/1730 in Culpepper County, Virginia.

7G Grandparents

576 John Justice II. He married Mary Hogue.

577 Mary Hogue.

896 John/Johann Abraham Rausch/Raussen. Born 1707 in Baumholder, Germany-Emigrated. Died 8 Oct 1750. He married Mary.

897 Mary.

900 Peter Weaver Sr. Born in Germany. Died in Culpepper County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth ?Unknown?.

901 Elizabeth ?Unknown?.

902 Johannes Henrich Hofmann. Born 1708. Died 1765.

Johannes seems to have entered the carpenter's guild in his youth, the same to which his god father, Johannes Kommer, belonged. Dr. Oren A. Beatty of the State Tuberculosis Hospital in Louisville, Ky., a descendant, has in his possession an heirloom that seems to have come down from Johannes Hofmann. It is a very old bottle, on one

He married Elizabeth Catherine Schuster.

903 Elizabeth Catherine Schuster.

912 Jacob Kriegler. Born in Dittsmandorf, Silesia. Died 1734.

Jacob (Kriegler) Crigler, emigrant from Dittsmandorf, Silesia to Germana, Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1717. His wife, Susanna, according to various genealogists was either the sister or daughter of Michael (Koch) Cook of the 1717 Germana Colony.

Jacob died in the early part of 1734, for on April 3, 1734, Susana Crigler gave bond in Spotsylvania County, as Admistrator of his estate. George Utz and Michael Clore signed her bond. Susanna Crigler later became the second wife of Nicholas Yager or the 1717 Germana Colony. (Reference-Mr. W. C. Barrickman and Dr. Arthur Leslie Keith.)

He married Susanna (Koch) Cook.

913 Susanna (Koch) Cook.

914 Michael Kaifer.

918 Andreas Gaar II. Born 14 Jun 1685 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria. He married Eva Seidelmann.

919 Eva Seidelmann. Born 23 Feb 1684/1685.

968 Hans George Utz. Born in Germany. Died 1766 in Culpepper County, Virginia. He married Barbara ?Unknown?.

969 Barbara ?Unknown?.

972 Hans Nicholas Blankenbuchler. Born 12 Jan 1681/1682 in Germany. Died 22 Sep 1743 in Madison County, VA. Buried Circa 1743 in Culpepper County, Virginia. He married Appellonia ?Unknown?.

973 Appellonia ?Unknown?.

974 same as ahnentafel number 918

975 same as ahnentafel number 919

8G Grandparents

1152 John Justice I. He married Mary ?.

1153 Mary ?.

1792 Frederich Rausch. He married Maria Katherine ?.

1793 Maria Katherine ?.

1804 Johannes Hofmann. Born 27 Jul 1663 in Eisern, Germany. Died 16 Mar 1730/1731 in Eisern, Germany. He married Gertrud Reichmann.

1805 Gertrud Reichmann.

1836 Johannes Hans Gaar. Born 17 Nov 1657 in Ehingen On The Ries, Scwab, Bavaria. Died 22 May 1738 in Wuertembergisch, Bavaria. Buried 24 May 1738. He married Elisabeth Barbara Schubel.

1837 Elisabeth Barbara Schubel. Born 8 Jun 1663 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria. Died 15 May 1684 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria.

1838 George Seidelmann. Born 27 Jan 1652/1653. Died 5 Feb 1716/1717. He married Barbara Wambach.

1839 Barbara Wambach.

1944 Hans Thomas Blankenbuchler. Born Circa 1652 in Germany. Died Circa 1691 in Neuenburg, Baden, Germany. He married Anna Barbara Schone, 2 Nov 1680 in Neuenburg, Baden, Germany.

1945 Anna Barbara Schone. Born Sep 1664 in Neuenburg, Baden, Germany. Died Circa 1708 in Virginia.

9G Grandparents

2304 William Justice I. Born 1623 in England. Died 1664. He married Mary Ffreme.

2305 Mary Ffreme.

3584 Johann Abraham Rausch Pastor. Born 9 Apr 1640 in Meinback, Holland.

3608 Tillmann Hoffman. Born in Eisern, Germany. Died in Eisern, Germany. He married Catharina Hermann.

3609 Catharina Hermann.

3672 Anreas Gaar I. Born 15 Jan 1628/1629 in Regensburg, Opfalz, Bavaria. Died 22 Oct 1704 in Ehingen On The Ries, Scwab, Bavaria. He married Appollonia Grimm.

3673 Appollonia Grimm. Born 4 Jan 1629/1630 in Ehingen On The Ries, Scwab, Bavaria.

3674 Georg Wolfgang Schubel. Born 17 Sep 1641 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria. Died 29 Jun 1666 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria. He married Margaretha Stolz.

3675 Margaretha Stolz. Born 1641 in Frankenhofen, Middlefranken, Bavaria. Died 13 Oct 1704.

3676 John Leonard Seidelmann. He married Kunigunda Walther.

3677 Kunigunda Walther. Born 3 Aug 1601. Died 18 May 1662.

3678 Christopher Wambach. Born 1630. Died 12 Jan 1674/1675. He married Barbara Eisen.

3679 Barbara Eisen. Born 1625. Died 12 Feb 1685/1686.

3888 Matthias Blanckenbuhler. He married Margaretha ?, Circa 1652.

3889 Margaretha ?.

3890 Quirinus Schone. Born Circa 1626 in Germany. Died 17 May 1683 in Neuenburg, Baden, Germany. He married Maria Barbara ?Unknown?.

3891 Maria Barbara ?Unknown?.

10G Grandparents

7168 Johannes Wilhelm Rausch. Born 9 Mar 1640. Died 26 Nov 1644 in Meinback, Holland. He married Maria Margaret Jost.

7169 Maria Margaret Jost. Died 1703.

7216 Deitrich Hofmann. Died 1660 in Eisern, Germany. Buried 8 Feb 1659/1660 in Eisern, Germany.

7344 Thoma Gaar. Born 5 May 1575 in Regensburg, Opfalz, Bavaria. Died in Regensburg, Opfalz, Bavaria. He married Anna Waindenhofel.

7345 Anna Waindenhofel.

7346 Georg Grimm. Born 9 Oct 1591 in Mordlingen, Schwab, Bavaria. Died 30 Oct 1665. He married Satome ?Unknown?.

7347 Satome ?Unknown?. Born 1602. Died 24 Apr 1656 in Ethingen, Bavaria.

7354 Stephen Walther. Born 16 Feb 1567/1568. He married Barbara Eberhardt.

7355 Barbara Eberhardt. Born 1575.

7776 Kilian Plankenbuhler. Born in Austria?.

Kilian Plankenbuhler and wife Martha of Plankenbuhl, of Gresten Parish, Austria, [born circa 1585], had ten, possibly eleven children.

The name Blanckenbuhler is found in the Catholic parish registers for the early 1600's of Gresten, Austria where children were born to Jakob Plankenbuhler, living at Pletzenberg, and Kilian Plankenbuhler at Plankenbuhl. Those locations are farm names which do not appear to have survived to present day. The farm Plankenbuhl is probably the source of the Plankenbuhler/Blanckenbuhler surname. Since Gresten parish registers date from 1630, no entry for the birth of Matthias Blanckenbuhler, the ancestor of the Neuenburg line who was born about 1621, was made. Therefore, it is impossible to determine, from parish registers, which brother was Matthia's father. Both Kilian of Plankenbuhl and Matthias of Neuenburg named a son Thomas, but that is the only similarity in family naming patterns.

He married Martha ?.

7777 Martha ?.

11G Grandparents

14336 Petrus Rausch. Born in Neuburg, Pfalz, Germany.

14688 Hans Gaar. Born 1545. He married Elizabeth Schaldtl, in Regensburg, Opfalz, Bavaria.

14689 Elizabeth Schaldtl.

14708 Thomas Walther. Born 1541. Died 1 Jan 1612/1613. He married Anna ?Unknown?.

14709 Anna ?Unknown?.

14710 Thomas Eberhardt. Born 1547. He married Kunigunda Carnoffel.

14711 Kunigunda Carnoffel.

12G Grandparents

28672 Sebaldus Rausch. Born in Neuberg?.

Custodian of secularized manastery at Hornbach near Zweibrucken, prviously at Neuberg.

29420 Stephen Eberhardt. Born 1515. Died 13 Jun 1575. He married Margaretha ?Unknown?.

29421 Margaretha ?Unknown?. Born 1519. Died 3 Mar 1593/1594.

Reference Note 3

Also listed on James Thomas Brown's birth certificate as Thomas Rodenham Brown from Pickens, SC

Reference Note 4

Jacob Rouse:
Will Bk C pg. 195
Among the first group of German settlers to come to Boone County in 1805. Pensioned for his service in the Revolutionary War. Among the first communicants of Hopeful Church. His land was near the church June 1814, Jacob Rause was granted a license to "keep a tavern on the road from Georgetown to Cincinatti "court order Bk A pg. 303.

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