My name is Breanna

My Mom is making this special page for me and my sister and brother who are still in Mommy's tummy and will stay there hopefully until August, 2000.

I have lots of picture to show you
and special links to share to some of my favorite things.

This page is still under construction so only the links that show like this are active.  I hope it won't be long until my mommy has all the pages active.

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~ A Little About Me ~

I'm so excited that I'm finally four.  For Christmas and my birthday I got lots of Barbie stuff which is my favorite.  My mom and dad and aunt made me a special Barbie house with lots of furniture to play with.  I love it!

I like to play with my cousin Ashley who is 6 days younger than me.  We like a lot of the same stuff.  I also like to play with my cousin Zach but he's in kindergarten now so I don't see as much of him as I did before.  My other cousins live far away from me so I don't see them very often but I love to play with them when we visit. 

I like to ice skate and mommy bought me rollerblades (kid ones) to use in the summer.  I can't wait!

I guess that's about all I have to tell you now.  You can see more about me in the picture links below. 

~ Mommy's having two babies! ~

First Mommy and Daddy tell me that we're going to have another baby - a sister or brother for me. Then, on April 4 they tell me that I'm going to be a big sister to two babies! And not too many weeks later they tell me I'm going to have a sister AND a brother! I am very excited about this and can hardly wait for them to arrive. The babies are due to arrive around August 16 or 17. I can hardly wait to see them and to help Mommy with them although I've told her many times that I won't be changing the stinky diapers. That's her and Daddy's job! They're still trying to figure out names for the babies and for some reason they are not interested in my suggestions.

~ I'm starting school! ~

The day before they told me about the two babies, Mommy said that the school they want me to go to has accepted me as a student for kindergarten. My cousin Ashley will also be in kindergarten with me and Zach will be in grade one. Some days I'm excited but other days I'm scared. Mommy must be scared too because she keeps saying something about her baby going off to school and where has the time gone. I've got lots of new Barbie things for school though so I'm happy about that. I'll go to school just a week and a half after the babies are born. Lots of changes for all of us!


My "birth"day!

Our trip to the Philippines

With more of my family

Pictures with my Cousins

My Portraits over the years

Christmas & New Year's 1999

My 4th Birthday

~ Places I like to Visit ~

Barney and Friends

Veggie Tales

Blues Clues

TreeHouse TV


~ Books and Videos ~

I love to watch videos and read books.  Here are some of my favorites.  Maybe they're your favorites too. 



~ Things I don't like ~

Pokemon!  I know about Pokemon and I know it's bad.  I don't even like going to junior church any more because some of the boys scare me with their Pokemon games.  If I see it on TV, I change the channel.

Note from my mom:  Are your kids caught up in the Pokemon craze?  Do you know what it is all about?  Have you watched the show with your kids?  Have you seen how the cards and games have affected their personality?  As a Christian parent, I find it distressing to see children - especially at our church - so wrapped up in the Pokemon world.  The violence it promotes is evident in the children's behavior, even at church.  Here are a couple of links that give some good information about Pokemon and its background and the affects it's having on our children.

Focus On the Family


Worthy News

~ Other Special Links ~

My Mommy

Cousin Zach

Cousin Ashley

My Friend Melanie Towsey
She's going to be a missionary in the Philippines!

My Church
The church site is still under construction!

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