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Why all the Fuss about Buffett? Here's why.

This modern day Bard's music has taken many of us away from our normal humdrum lives to escape to a swing in a hammock under a lone palm in that mystical place known as Margaritaville.

Jimmy Buffett never was a big success as far as the mainstream music industry goes. When you mention Jimmy Buffett those that aren't fan's (or as we Parrot Heads spell it "Phan's") they recall "Margaritaville", "Come "Monday" or "Cheese Burger in Paradise". Jimmy Buffett is more like a renegade pirate that has made his own mark on the world, and he is more popular now than he ever was when his fist songs were being played on the airway's.

His Phan's now come in all age ranges, young to old and when Jimmy goes on the road to tour they Phlock to him. These great Pholks known as Parrot head's come wearing outrageous costume's, they stand-up sing along and dance and know the words to just about all the songs. Why? Well, because everybody needs to forget that boring day to day 40-80 hour work week, or mid-term and finals, the bills and the craziness that invades all our lives daily and get a little crazy ourselves. They don't hurt anyone, there are never any riot's, there may be an occasional few that over indulge in the rita's but usually, those people come to learn that the concerts are more fun and enjoyable if you can remember what went on after it's over with.


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Must Have Buffett Links:


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville : Key West Florida -The official Buffett Site with Radio Margaritaville, and Coconut Tele-graph, and Bulletin Board.  


Church of Buffett- Orthodox   This site has the contents of the Son Of a Sailor-the First Parrot(t) Head Page contents. Dave is Shutting down the SOS Site after many great years. The Great Cord and Song Compilations can now be found here.


Buffett News.com - All the up to date news on concerts, recordings and more.


The Almighty Buffett Board - Same as Above.


The Parrot Head Web Ring: Take a Ride on the Ring to find alot of great Buffett Parrot Head Fan Sites. 


Parrot Heads in Paradise - Home of the Parrot Fan Club


Parrot heads of the Savannah River - Augusta, GA /Aiken, SC Chapter of the PH Fan Club

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Parrot Heads: The People under the costumes.

More than just fan's of Jimmy Buffett, but a  group  that Cares for one another:

A few years back I started my first adventure on the web creating the  infamous "Beer Beard's a Pirates Den"  (Now under going a much needed major face lift) I went through some hard times.  To make a long story short,  just as my site was starting to gain some popularity  I lost my job and became  unemployed.   I was struggling not having any luck finding another job, and with more bills than money I was sinking into a deep depression, and getting ready to lose  my  I.S.P.   I had planned on letting the site just die and fade away, but  the friends I had made in the Parrot Head Web Ring would not let me, or my page go down.  With little time or notice Lisa Harraden and Donna created a site for me on the spot where the Den currently resides,  I had just transferred the last couple of my files when my ISP cut me off.    Lisa even tended my page and  kept it up for me when I had no way of getting on line, I had to email her using free JUNO mail.

I did eventually get back up on my feet, and the web site did have a few moments in the sun, but then too much work took me away again.  I have thanked these people before, but I don't think they will ever know how much I still think of them even though I have gotten so busy that I have neglected contact.  So Guys this is for you.  

Some of these people were around when I needed them most, and when the  turbulent storms of my  personal life raged,  their encouragement like a Light House shinned through,   and helped me find my way to calmer waters.

Bless you all

My Favorite Parrot Head Friends Sites:

  1. Billy the Old Parrott Head

  2. Harradens Parrot Head Habitat (Buffett Page)

  3. Southern Belle Donna

  4. Michele's Jimmy Buffett Tribute Page

  5. Wildcat's Buffett Directory Mike

  6. Smokin' Joe's

  7. The Blonde Stranger -*Carrie [B] Anne Soul*

  8. Michael's Parrot Head Page

  9. Coconut Island

  10. A1A - Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band Go by their site and find out where they're playing and buy one of their CD's.

New inductees to the Top Ten Starting January 01, 2001

  1. Parrot_Head 4 Life - Submitted by John Jenkins 

  2. Hilbils Page - This is not a Buffett Site but is real cool. This is a site from Switzerland  and has a lot of great Pics of mountain climbing. The site is in German so translator maybe necessary. 

  3. Tuesdays, Thursday's and Saturdays Submitted by  SCOTT "THE PIRATE"

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The Rules have changed!!!!  Ohhh No ! Who Will Survive ?? 

Ok here's the low down.  The First Ten Stay until more sites enter.  All nominee's are taken and posted.  After that it's going to be a  fight to the end of the year.  Guest will decide on who stays and who goes by taking the Top Ten Poll.  Only the Top Ten will Survive and go on into the next Month.  Enter Now and Good Luck!!

Of course all sites entered will be on an honorable mention page with active links to them until the End of March 2002.

Invite everyone that visits your site to come by here and vote for you.  Those Left on the TOP TEN at the End of the Year will be getting a Surprise. (OK, I'm working on a "I survived Beer Beards Top Ten 2001" T-Shirt.) I may need help with this so if you or someone you know is good at T-Shirt Design, let me know. 

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New Parrot Head Joins my Phlock:

Well the condition is contagious. I have always played Jimmy Buffett in my car, and on my guitar. While my niece Chrissie was just a little kid growing up she always heard Buffett music around me.   I would pick her up from school, or tote her and her friends around when my sister needed me to. Chris has always loved the song "Treat Her Like a Lady" and "Brown Eyed Girl" (she thought the song was written especially for her).  Last Christmas she got me the CD "Songs You Know by Heart" but before she gave it to me she saw I already had it, so she kept the CD for herself and started listening. That wasn't really enough to make her a parrot head though.  I missed the Concert in Atlanta this year (I know, no Excuse, SHAM ON ME !!) , but my niece's dance partner that she takes *Shag Lessons with, had someone back out on him so he had a spare ticket and asked Chris if she would like to go. Chris of course said yes, tenth row seats, she could actually see Buffett's face she was so close. One concert is all it took. When she got back home she asked me if I could give her a formal Buffett Education because she didn't Know all the Songs by Heart, at least the new ones. So an Orthodox Parrot Head if ya ever saw one.  And ain't she pretty? And no comments on how she couldn't be related to me. OK.

*Shag - is a Dance that originated and made famous at Myrtle Beach South Carolina..

Pirate Looks at 40 Brown Eyed Girl



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