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Thank you for visiting StreamSide Bunnies. We are a medium sized lionhead rabbitry located in Northeast Ohio (Massillon/Canton area), focusing on Lionheads for show,  breeding, and as pets.  I got started into the breed in 2001, and since then have developed very strong lines that hold their manes very well. Streamside bunnies carries mostly all the COD colors including: Sable Point, Tort, Black,  Siamese Sable, REW, Chestnut, Blue Tort, Smoke Pearl, Blue, and Opal. AOV colors include Sable Point Martens, Japanese Harlequin, Japanese Magpie,  with a heavy focus on dilutes and martens.. If there is a color you might be interested in and don't see it on the for sale page, feel free to contact me because it very well may be in the nest box. Most importantly, we are in this for the love of the rabbit, not the money, and our prices will reflect this. We do not justify charging exhorbiant prices for a breed that hasn't passed.
Bryon Jones

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This is just a few of the beautiful lionhead does we have been getting lately. All 5 of these little girls will be involved in our breeding program over the next 3-5 years. All are out of Wetzel's Indigo and his son Streamside's Timmy, which has been a line that has continually produced strong manes and nice body type.
From left to right: Streamsides Blue Bird (DM Blue), Streamsides Sioux (Dm Black), Streamsides Tecumapese (DM Smoke Pearl), Streamsides Sacajawea (DM Chestnut), Streamsides Honeysuckle.
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