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Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones
From LucasArts

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Lego Indiana Jones Wii

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #209 in Video Games
  • Brand: LucasArts
  • Model: 33638
  • Published on: 2008-06
  • Released on: 2008-06-03
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .57" h x 5.42" w x 7.52" l, 2.00 pounds


  • Swim, climb, and shimmy
  • Use a variety of weapons from the environment
  • Use Indy's signature whip as a multi-purpose tool
  • Unlock more than 60 playable characters
  • Mix-and-match lego parts to create unique characters

Editorial Reviews

Your Favorite Hero in Lego Form

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes the fun and creative construction of LEGO and combines it with the wits, daring and non-stop action from the original cinematic adventures that enthralled audiences everywhere (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). With a unique tongue-in-cheek take on the original adventures, LEGO Indiana Jones follows Dr. Jones escapades through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India. Fans can build, battle and brawl their way through their favorite cinematic moments, from Indy’s entanglements with snakes to his dashing boulder run.

Of course, pop culture’s most iconic archaeologist will whip through all the classic moments with the help of a host of supporting characters including Marion Ravenwood and Short Round. Players can also mix and match the body parts of more than 60 playable characters to create new heroes just as they could in the best-selling LEGO Star Wars games.

Lego Indiana Jones

Key Features

  • Everyone’s favorite fedora wearing hero returns to theaters this May in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and families can celebrate the humor and excitement of the original films with LEGO Indiana Jones.
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor presents The Original Adventures in a manner only LEGO can whip up, with comical reinterpretations of classic Indiana Jones scenes and elements.
  • Use Indy’s signature whip as a multi-purpose tool to attack, disarm, swing across gaps, activate levers and interact with a world of LEGO objects and puzzles.
  • For the first time, LEGO Indy characters are fully immersed in their environment; swim, climb, shimmy across rock ledges and pick up and carry objects.
  • Use a variety of weapons from the environment to fight enemies (e.g., chairs, guns, swords, bottles).
  • Unlock more than 60 playable characters, including villains and supporting characters (Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, Rene Belloq, Willie Scott, Marcus Brody, Jones Senior and Mola Ram).
  • Character specific abilities include excavation by Satipo, an umbrella slide by Marcus Brody, and monkey access by Marion Ravenwood.
  • Create unique playable characters like Sallah Scott or Mola Round by mixing and matching the LEGO body parts of all playable characters.
  • Explore the globe and solve puzzles that encourage creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations only possible in a LEGO world.
  • Cooperative gameplay encourages parents to share the legacy of Indiana Jones with their children in a fun and humorous way.
Experience the Adventure as Indiana Jones
Experience the Adventure as Indiana Jones
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Signature moments from the films
Signature moments from the films
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Customer Reviews

Adventure Defined5

+Great Nostalgia for the Indiana Jones Fan
+Great sense of humor through the cutscenes
+Simple gameplay, anyone can pick up and play
+A varied number of puzzles through the game
+Lots of secrets to uncover
+Music score taken directly from the films


-Short campaign
-Big emphasis on hand to hand combat isn't great when you're fighting someone with a projectile
-Minor camera issues

In 2005 the gaming public was introduced to LEGO Star Wars. That game went on to become a phenomenon. It was fun, simple and humorous. LEGO Indiana Jones plays very similar to the LEGO Star Wars games in many different ways. There are slight differences, however, and while LEGO Indiana Jones is certainly a treat, it isn't quite as good as LEGO Star Wars.

If you've played LEGO Star Wars, then Indiana Jones is instantly familiar. You'll go through all three of the original films. Throughout the levels you'll be two or more different characters and able to switch on the fly. Much like the Star Wars games, characters have abilities they can use to get you further into the game. Some characters can find secret passages, some can double jump. Indy, of course, uses his whip. There's a much bigger emphasis on puzzles in LEGO Indiana Jones, but there's nothing here that's too challenging or taxing. Anyone should be able to pick up and play LEGO Indiana Jones. There's also co-op play and a friend can jump in whenever they feel like it and drop out whenever they feel like it.

There are also studs that you can collect. Studs are the currency you can use in the hub to do things like purchase hidden characters or other bonuses. You can get studs by destroying certain objects or simply by taking down enemies.

The biggest difference between LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones is the way combat works. In LEGO Star Wars most characters either had a blaster or a lightsaber. Indiana Jones relies much more heavily on hand-to-hand combat. You can find weapons and use them, but they have limited ammunition. The only bad thing about the gameplay in Indiana Jones is that there's so much of an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat that it leads to unnecessary deaths sometimes. When the bad guy has a gun and you don't, half the battle is dying to get to him and take him down. Luckily, there's no penalty for dying in LEGO Indiana Jones other than losing studs. There's no such thing as a game over.

Just like LEGO Star Wars, there's the story mode where you use the characters the story gives you, and then you can go back in Free Play Mode to uncover more secrets you otherwise couldn't before. You'll want to go back in Free Play Mode in order to get all the secrets. There are treasure chests to find in every level as well as a red package. You can't get all the hidden treasure chests in a level without going back in Free Play Mode. The main campaign probably won't take you that long. Half the fun of LEGO Indiana Jones is going back into levels and uncovering secrets.

In terms of production values, LEGO Indiana Jones is a winner. The LEGO world is incredible to behold. While there's no voice acting to speak of in the cutscenes, there's a great amount of humor, and there are a lot of classic scenes that are reenacted very well. LEGO Indiana Jones is easily a looker, but it also sounds great. There are a couple of camera hang ups, but nothing too big, and it runs pretty smoothly too. The music is pulled directly from the films. John Williams score still sounds good almost thirty years later.

LEGO Indiana Jones shouldn't be missed. If you enjoy Indiana Jones or if you enjoyed LEGO Star Wars, then LEGO Indiana Jones is a must. It emulates the film very well and is so simple to play that anyone can pick it up and go with it.

Upon the full Saga release of LEGO Star Wars, we found INDY along with his LEGO game trailer. I was giddy with fanboy anticipation not only for the chance to replay RAIDERS of the LOST ARK, but for the chance to get the corresponding toys and the chance to see the LEGO retelling of many of the classic scenes. The re-teaming of game developer Traveller'sTales and publisher Lucasarts heralds the transition of the most recognizable archeologist this side of Laura Croft to LEGO form.

If you're worried that the INDIANA JONES LEGO GAME will be the same game as Star Wars LEGO just recycled using INDY's locales & characters, fear not. Besides LEGO Dr. Jones' striking resemblance to LEGO Han Solo, the simple action, uncomplicated controls and the team play of the first game, INDIANA JONES is it's own unique game. This time characters have a broad range of physical abilities: ladder-climbing, sneaking, cliff- shimmying and cliffhanging (literally) and this time even swimming. Combat gameplay in the game is also altered, sure at times INDY has got a gun, but ammo is an issue and INDY is more of a brawler, than a shooter. Characters use what is at their disposal, chairs and other surroundings that can be broken, then used as throwing weapons. But, what of INDY's most recognizable tool, no not his fedora, his whip, does it do more than the teaser character in Star Wars? The answer is YES. Now more than just a grappling hook, the whip is an important multifunctional problem-solving game tool and a major part of unlocking levels.

There's still plenty of constructive creativity and puzzles to solve. There is still plenty of pantomime LEGO-style story recreations of the original 3 films (Raiders, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade), true to the wicked sense of humor that makes the LEGO games so much fun to play and watch. What's also familiar is the family-accessibility of the game. In fact, in spite of the story's placement in history, taking place in the late 1930's and early 1940's, it should come as no surprise that there are NO SWASTIKAS on any of the LEGO German soldiers that INDY fights.

There are loads of unlockable-playable characters from the films, 60 in all, some INDY variations, side kicks and characters like Brody, Short Round, Willie Scott, Toht, Henry Jones Senior, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood, and rogues gallery of LEGO villains like Rene Belloq. New with the release of this video game, characters each have skill and quirks unique to them: for example INDY reacts to his fear of snakes, Henry Jones Sr doesn't like rats, but can do an "umbrella slide," Sallah is better a excavation. This feature makes the sidekicks as important as Indy and two play co-op is essiential (althought the Wii doesn't offer online co-play this time). These characters can be used for the LEGO staple the "mix-and-match" bodyswapping (found in the college Art Dept.), just like the toys. Cross-gender swaps are always good for a laugh.

Like Star Wars, the opportunity for game replay is there , instead of the Cantina Hub, Indy's school of Professorship Barnett College serves as the pre-game menu. This is where your artifact go after collection and where you can pick and chose the characters, films and scenes you will play upon re-entry (like before unique characters will provide new play options and unlockables). On Indy's campus you can unlock extras, buy characters and special features.Speaking of extras...Look for the Star Wars Cantina hidden in Cairo (with Disco Indy theme music, too), also look for other SW guest appearances throughout the game.

Ultimately, the game sticks to the LEGO formula and ultimately it works well. We can look forward to the LEGO adaptation of INDY IV. or maybe LEGO Young INDY Chronicles, I for one can't wait to play the LEGO Picasso and the LEGO Al Capone. Seriously, the LEGO BATMAN, will probably be pretty good (without Lucasfilm behind it), but the LEGO / Warner property I most want to see is the reboot of the LEGO HARRY POTTER games. The CREATOR Harry Potter and CREATOR Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets weren't very good, the over-focus on building and virtual blocks. The current format will make the 7 books of the Potter series much more bankable and playable. I've got a good feeling about this...

Fun but buggy (would otherwise be a 5)3
If you're a fan of Lego Star Wars and of Indiana Jones, this is a good game for you. It seems a bit shorter than Star Wars, but is otherwise a lot of fun with some cute surprises thrown in. HOWEVER it is buggy, seemingly really buggy given the short time I've been playing it. I've hit 4 major bugs (one locked up the Wii, the other 3 required that I quit because the required activity in the game could not be accomplished - for example a boss was out of hearts, but the game was "stuck" so that his death wouldn't complete). This is VERY frustrating and takes away a bit from the game.

Update: Make that 5 now... in Desert Ambush the tank never engaged in battle, so I couldn't go on to the next section. Again had to quit and start over.