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Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite

Superman/Batman: Search for Kryptonite
By Michael Green, Mike Johnson

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From Michael Green and Mike Johnson, two of the writers of the hit NBC TV series Heroes, comes this fast-paced new volume in the SUPERMAN/BATMAN series.

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight have decided that they must undertake the impossible task of recovering all the Kryptonite on Earth. But there are plenty of roadblocks in the way, as they realize that not everyone's willing to hand over the deadly substance. And one of those who's not ready to cooperate is none other than their fellow Justice League member, Aquaman.

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  • Published on: 2009-11-10
  • Released on: 2009-11-10
  • Original language: English
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  • 160 pages


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About the Author
Michael Green is a TV producer and writer. His production work includes Smalville (for which he also penned episodes), and his writing work includes Heroes. Shane Davis is a talented young artist whose work includes Batman and Mystery in Space.

Customer Reviews

Fun Read; Seriously Thought-Provoking4
Honestly, this sounded like a slightly silly premise to me: "Hey, Batman, I've just had an idea! Let's find all the Kryptonite on Earth and get rid of it!" "Sure thing, Supes!"

In fact, it turned out to be a surprisingly good, and not at all dumb, read. It starts out with a scene that just has to make you laugh, then quickly and smoothly segues into the main point of the plot: Supes has noticed that there seems to be more and more Kryptonite around, making it harder for him to do his job (and incidentally, kind of dangerous just to live on Earth). Batman seems to come along on the mission because increasing amounts of Kryptonite presents a mystery, and/or because he thinks the naive, trusting Superman needs a babysitter. Well, Batman's motivations are always hard to fathom.

The plot is a good ride with a lot of unexpected encounters and events; it changed pace nicely, and gave a good balance between action and character. Well-written dialog and internal 'thought bubbles' provide nice, if not stunningly original, insights into both Supes and Bats differing reactions to the same events.. The artwork throughout is excellent. There's a scene where Superman is at the JLA's moon base after exposure to a previously unknown form of (possibly) magic Kryptonite. The depictions of the other League members from Superman's POV is hilarious; it just misses being over the top, but it works and it's a nice giggle in the middle of an increasingly tension-filled plot.

I can't really discuss the questions raised by what (and who) Supes and Bats find in Kansas without spoiling. So I'll just say, you can understand everyone's position up to a point, and interesting questions about secrecy, security and patriotism are raised.

I'm giving four stars instead of five for a couple of complaints: One, the scenes with the new Aquaman just make no sense whatsoever. No one's motivations or actions make any sense in these scenes, but Aquaman appears to belong in the Aqua-Looney Bin. Two, Superman's decision to perform no rescues while on the Kryptonite hunt is totally out of character. And three, Power Girl is not in the JLA; she's in the JSA. Apart from the Aquaman thing, none of these are serious enough to break the reader's suspension of disbelief. So maybe it should really get four and a half stars.

The story seems ready to close about four different times, which is cool. Just keeps hitting unexpected plot twists right up until the end. And the very last page is... infuriating, heartbreaking, beautiful, tragic, and completely in character. It's a good idea but by no means original. With competent execution, it would have been... fine. In order to make it truly moving, the depictions of the setting and the activity, the writing, and, most importantly, the expression on the character's face, all had to be perfect -- and they are. That last page is a tour de force.

Note: This book appears to be set in a more or less current DC 'verse, but doesn't seem to be part of any particular continuity.

If you're a Superman, Batman, or general DCU fan, "The Search for Kryptonite" is definitely worth buying. Enjoy!

Excellent Volume.5
The Search for Kryptonite is one of the better comic book graphic novels i have read. Basically, as the title says, batman and superman travel the world to rid it of Superman's greatest threat-kryptonite. What makes this graphic novel so good is that it deals with profound themes of vulnerability, trust, and friendship. Superman deals with his feelings of vulnerability as a result of the rampant spread of kryptonite. As the kryptonite decreases, Superman becomes slightly more ruthless which alarms Batman. Superman also deals with the loss of trust with his own government as well as one of his closest childhood friends. A few guest appearances by aquaman, Amanda Waller, a kryptonite sharded Doomsday (YIKES!)and others make it exciting and fun. Great writing, great story, and really good artwork make this a great graphic novel.

I Can't Believe I'm Seeing Bad Reviews for This4
"The Search for Kryptonite" is a very original piece of art. The writers did an awesome job of taking a seemingly boring idea and making it the exact opposite. It's not the best Batman/Superman comic you will read, but its pros definately outweigh the cons.

For instance, we see Batman's and Superman's simultaneous thoughts in the panels, which I thought was very fascinating. If you can make thought bubbles thouroughly interesting then you got skills, my friend. Another pro would be the illustrations. I have seen complaints about the illustrations, but they must be reading the wrong book. The artwork is very nice. Our plot and dialogue are the best pros in the book. The story was very well written, and I know you will enjoy it. Lastly, the cameos and humor make a small addition but a great addition.

I can't think of anything really wrong with this comic. I almost lost interest a few times, but I managed to get sucked right back in. (3 minutes later) Yea I can't think of much wrong. Just go pick up the book, bro!