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Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies

Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies
By Jeph Loeb

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A tale of loyalty and unlikely friendship featuring two of the most recognizable and popular super-heroes on the planet, SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES pairs the Man of Steel with the Dark Knight. The iconic super-heroes unite when longtime Superman enemy Lex Luthor, now president of the United States, accuses Superman of a horrible act against mankind, and assembles a top-secret team of powerhouse heroes to bring Superman in — dead or alive. But after the Dark Knight Detective proves Luthor's accusations to be baseless, the "World's Finest" duo prepares to topple the corrupt president's reign once and for all.

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  • Brand: DC Comics
  • Published on: 2005-04-01
  • Released on: 2005-04-01
  • Original language: English
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  • Dimensions: .32" h x 6.72" w x 10.22" l, .55 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 160 pages


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Editorial Reviews

From Booklist
In Public Enemies, a huge remnant of Superman's home planet, Krypton, menaces Earth. Lex Luthor, U.S. president in current Superman stories, accuses the Man of Steel of complicity in the threat and commissions a squadron of superheroes to bring him in. Writer Loeb, known for thoughtful takes on the early days of superhero icons, crafts a generally typical, if uncommonly elaborate, story, replete with the high-powered brawling characteristic of the genre. The most distinctive touch is Loeb's use of captions conveying the thoughts of the heroes as they battle, contrasting Batman's dark vengefulness and Superman's straight-arrow decency. Ed McGuinness' artwork--vaguely manga-inspired but much more detailed--is well-suited to the tale's kinetics but doesn't do much for quiet moments, which are few and far between, anyway. Gordon Flagg
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Dreamwatch Issue 120, review by Tom Baxter: " Simply excellent stuff." Time Out magazine, Nov 17-24 2004, reiew by Daniel Paddington: "...revealing that elusive element in graphic novels; psychological depth and (even rarer) convincing dialogue."

About the Author
Jeph Loeb is a screenwriter/producer, whose comics credits include the award-winning Batman: The Long Halloween and its sequel, Dark Victory. More recently, he has written the number one-selling Batman: Hush storyline. Ed McGuinness has been the artist on various Superman titles, including Superman: President Lex and Superman: Return to Krypton; as well as Thundercats, Incredible Hulk and Vampirella.

Customer Reviews

Cape & Cowl4
Don't you just love it when two great athletes team up?

Batman and Superman have been around for decades. Two of the main reasons people still read comics today, these two icons have appeared in -- literally -- thousands of stories ... facing threats to themselves ... challenging threats to world peace ... and making the world safe for the rest of us at the risk to their own personal safety.

However, PUBLIC ENEMIES -- under the guidance of Jeph Loeb -- takes the old and makes it new, bringing a remarkable freshness to characters who have seen some great days and, undoubtedly, have greater ones to come.

A huge meteor is hurtling across space, taunting the destruction of the planet Earth. No big deal, you say? Just send Superman into space to knock the rock off its trajectory? While it sounds like a good idea, you have to remember that the author of this work is Jeph Loeb, arguably one of the best minds working in comics today (and, for those of you in the know, he's also a consultant for the WB's hit SMALLVILLE): this meteor is a hunk from the planet Krypton ... making it Kryptonite ... and meaning that Superman is absolutely powerless against it! Its radiation threatens the survival of the entire planet, and only these two superminds and supertalents combined can find a way to save the day and put right all that has been thrown into chaos since Lex Luther was elected President of the United States.

What? Lex Luthor? President?

Clearly, PUBLIC ENEMIES is not necessarily a great 'jumping on' point for new readers. There may be some resulting confusion due to storylines hinted at that occured before this tome (Lex Luthor's election as President of the United States, Luthor's attempt to wrest control of Gotham City from billionaire Bruce Wayne, Commissioner James Gordon's retirement from the police force, etc.), but these hints serve moreso as nods to other great Batman and Superman stories for the newcomer to go and explore. Also, ENEMIES is replete -- one may argue too much so -- with guest appearances (Captain Atom, Major Force, Solomon Grundy, **drool** the lovely Power Girl, etc.) from the whole pantheon of DC villains and superheroes ... so many that that the final showdown between Luthor and Superman does feel a bit rushed to get this entire story told in what was originally six issues of the new Batman/Superman comic book, but that's a minor critique easily dismissed thanks to the strength of Loeb's work. The real magic of PUBLIC ENEMIES is that it should be considered on its own and of its own merits ... of which there are (thankfully) plenty.

Also, Ed McGuinness deserves a nod for delivering some stunning artwork to back up Loeb's epic storyline. The drawings are crisp and fluid, the coloring is dynamite and eye-popping, and the layout is exceptional.

ENEMIES is a friend worth finding.

Batman & Superman, polar opposites that make a great story4
Batman and Superman have always been amazing characters, yet couldn't be any more different in their approach for fighting against crime. Batman, the ever dark personality that uses his anger to overcome great odds. Superman, the boy scout who looks for the good in all and fight for truth, justice and the american way.

"Public Enemies" displays just how different these two are and does so beautifully by displaying each ones personal thoughts throughout the book.

Fighting for a common goal, they each show tremendous respect for the other, though not agreeing entirely on each others tactics. They almost, in a way, dislike the fact that they have to rely on one another at times. It is almost hard to say that them two are real friends and it is very easy to see how they could become mortal enemies if the circumstance permits. A very intriguing alliance.

In "Public Enemies", President Lex Luthor, has put a billion dollar bounty on their heads and every known bad guy has come to claim it. "Public Enemies" has a great collection of team battles with classic villians and epic confrontations with former team members.

A great read, with a lot of action, that comes highly recommended.

EXACTLY how Clark and Bruce would be together5
I can not imagine a more perfectly written story combining these two essential icons. The story is so intriguing and spell-binding. And then the art... Batman is so intimidating. Superman's power and Boy Scout image is juxtaposed nicely. I am just starting to read comics from the DC universe, but this has been a very good introduction. If you are even considering buying this, than I can promise it is worth your money.