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Amazing Missionary Stories
In 1994 the Lord laid on my heart to start writing the untold stories of several missionaries that I personally knew. Miraculous events took place in their lives and no one was writing down their stories! The Lord wants us to be inspired by the things He is doing in the world. He is an amazing God and worthy to be praised!
Table of Contents (44 page book)
South and Central America Stories
     Bringing Light to Darkness in Bolivia
     His Mysterious Ways
     He Cares fro Us
     Are you Ready to Go?
     Signs and Wonders in Central Mexico
     Black Gold from Kenya
     From Russia with Love
     Pray for Russia
     Destination: Samara, Russia
     God Forgotten Children (Papua, New Guinea)
     God's Miracle in a Tribal family (India)
     Heritage Haven (USA)
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Click here to see an exerpt from Deliverance (a story about Kenya)
Fictional Short Stories
These stories have fictional conversations but they are based on real events and characters. Sometimes writing a story in a fictional form is a better way to get to know what people are thinking and feeling as they go through their experiences. all of these stories are based on interviews done with friends, missionaries and family members.
Adventures in Belize (my daughter, Sarah, was a missionary there)
La Vida (a backpacking summer in the Adirondacks of New York)
The River (Mexico missionary story)
Just a Missionary Kid (Mexico missionary story)
A Week in the Life of a Missionary (Bolivia mission story)
The Prayer of Faith (healing story in Mexico)
God of Mount Kenya (salvation story in Kenya)
Don't you trust me? (USA)
Heroes Great and Small (USA)
May 4, 1970 (Kent State shootings-I was there)
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