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The Church of the Firstborn Ministries
Cagayan de Oro
Mindanao, Philippines
Pastor Jesus A. Carso Jr.
P.O. Box 0661
Cagayan de Oro City 9000
Who We Are:
     We are a network of churches that reach deep into the remote areas of the Philippines. Our ministers and members have to cross rivers and jungles to preach the Word of God, distribute food and clothing to the hungry, comfortless children of the villages. We pray for the sick, declare the Word of God, help build churches.
We offer the Deliverance Institute of Theology, a free Bible program that takes one year.  We also have the Food for the Hungry Program.

Our Needs:
     1) Prayer for our people, our ministries and needs
     2) Financial needs to help us preach, feed the children, bring Bible materials to converts
     3) Teaching materials: Bibles, teaching books, Christian literature and tracts (new or used)
     If you can meet any of these needs please email Pastor Jesus A. Carso Jr. at the above email or mail tax exempt contributions to above address.

Feeding the Hungry Program reaches over 300 children
Our outreach reaches the prisons, on June 24, 2006  we baptized 35 inmates after they accepted Jesus as their savior.
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