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Welcome! Travel has always been one of my favorite
subjects and I've collected a lot of stuff that I think you'll be
interested in. So, please take a look around and enjoy
yourself... and don't forget to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK (below).

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My Family

Journals and Poems


Click here to view my family tree, with lots of pictures.

Click here to view my daughter, Lia's home page.

Panama Journal - my trip to Panama with the Green Tortoise

The Tree -
Click here to view the story and pictures of the tree that changed my life.

I have been living near Rome, Italy for the past year and a half.  To find out how I ended up in Italy and view some of my favorite pictures., click here. 



Some of my Favorite Links

Green Tortoise    Alternative travel on the 'Magic Bus'

Lonely Planet    My favorite for world travel

La Dolce Vita  Everything you need to know about Italy


Outside Magazine  Articles for those who like travel and adventure

National Geographic Online version of the well-known magazine

Rolling Stone  My favorite music magazine



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