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Aviation and Aerial Photography by Bob LaCursia

A Photo Gallery of

Airlines at Chicago's O'Hare Intl Airport
From 1988 through 1999

Airline Photos and Feature Photo
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About Bob

Pelican Airways Ramp
North Perry Airport - Hollywood, Florida

Thank you for visiting Wings On The Web!
I'm a private pilot, amateur aviation/aerial photographer, amateur radio operator,
and a professional software developer/trainer. So lead to the creation of this web site.
My interest in aviation began while growing up in a home underneath the approach to
Chicago O'Hare's Runway 27 Right. In November of 1987 I received my Private Pilot's
license and did most of my flying out of Palwaukee Airport, north of Chicago. Then in 1988
I began photographing the airlines of O'Hare using the Nikon 8008 camera with Kodak print film.
Being the world's busiest airport, O'Hare offered a variety of domestic and international subjects,
providing for a large photo collection. The Wings On The Web Site is my attempt to display the best of that collection.
I hope you enjoy it!



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