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My name is Kaelyn Marie, Welcome to my nursery! It is so nice of you to come
and see me. Thanks to Ashee I have a nice room for when you
come. It took her a whole day to make this up for me!
I am so thankful though.

This graphic set is OFF LIMITS to EVERYONE!!! I made this special
for Kaelyn. If I findout that you are using it I will
involve your ISP. If you know someone that is using this
set PLEASE let me know!!! This was made just for Kaelyn. It
is one of the few things I can give her.

You didn't grow under my heart,
You grew in it

Adoption record

This is Mommy's record that tells everyone that I really belong to her,
and to her only

Life What a
Beautiful Choice!

Kaelyn Marie

Adopted: December 18,1999

My wings

I became an angel on Nov 29th, 1999.
(This is when I got my angel wings)
Ashee is so proud of me for them! She thinks it is so neat that I can fly.
She says she wishes she could fly like me. My brother
Johnathan and I love to race each other. He is a little faster than me but not much.
I am catching up to him fast!

Do you have an angel? If so read on...

Ashee wants me to tell you that if you have a picture of your angel
or just a picture like Ashee used and you want to give your angel
wings. Contact mommy at her E-mail address.
She can add wings to your picture for FREE. Or if you want just your angel's
head added to another picture she can do that too.
She would love to help you!

My special mother and brother

Didn't you hear? I have a special brother and mother!
My brother's name is Johnathan Fredrick and my mother's is Ashleigh.
*But I call her mommy* We all met a special way. We didn't come
together the way most families come together.
One day mommy visited a site of another family and she saw that they adopted
a little angel like my brother and I. Mommy decided that
She wanted to adopt a special angel herself. So she went to
the address given and filled out this "adoption" form.
Mommy became so excited waiting for the papers to come!
Than one day they did come...On November 12th, 1999
The adoption papers stated that Johnathan Fredrick (my brother)
belonged to her! She was so happy when they came!

Soon after she adopted my brother she decided it was time for him to
have a sibling. She started thinking about me lots and finally
decided that it was time. Mommy decided she wanted a little
girl this time. My name was to be Kaelyn Marie. (She named me after
a special angel that went back to heaven last year because
she was so sick). Mommy says she will always name all her babies
after special people.

That is how our family came together. Although we may not be blood
related we are heart related and mommy says that, that is lots
more important!
She loves us and we love her.

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