Hi, my name is Bob Stell, and this is my new hobby.

This site will showcase all of my arrowhead finds. I am strictly an amatuer, who has been hunting points for a very short time. I don't yet know enough about all of the different kinds of points to say exactly what kind they are. I've been to the websites that label all the types, but to my untrained eye, it looks like mine could fit into several catagories.

I know these aren't the best points in the world, but they're all I've found so far (other then lots of broken ones and lots of grinding stones) If you want to e-mail me some information on what types you think these are, please do so.

All of these were found in a 40 acre field in Butler County, Missouri with the permission of the farmer.

These thumbnails are the actual size of the point. Click on each photo if you'd like to see full screen detail.

June 9th, 2002

This was my first hunt. Jamee (my girlfriend at the time) & I had gotten up early to beat the heat. The field had recently been plowed, and there had been a heavy rain 2 days before...PERFECT HUNTING CONDITIONS. I found my first one within 5 minutes...I WAS HOOKED! We walked around for a few more hours, but only found pieces. After a storm came up, we walked about a mile in a steady rain back to the car. All of these points are listed in the order that I found them. You will notice that each point is pictured twice (front & back views)

June 11th, 2002

It had rained too much, and the field was very muddy. After sinking a few times (literally...I'm glad my "flipping stick" was with me to get me unstuck) I decided I needed to stay near the edges of the field. I thought I wasn't going to be lucky at all this time, but somehow, I found this little one barely sticking up out of the mud completely underwater.I found a few more pieces, and headed home. Jamee came back with me that evening after she got off work, but we only found pieces.

June 16th, 2002

I was really ready to go hunting but it looked like a huge storm would cancel our plans. It passed by and Jamee and I were off. It was mild for June and breezy. While Jamee stumbled around still half asleep whining about how cold it was, I found the first one within 5 minutes, and as it always seems, walked around for a couple of hours until I found the next whole one. This was my best outing yet and I found most of these in a 30 minute stretch toward the end, including my first scraper.I think I've started to learn the knack of spotting them, instead of just looking directly in front of my feet, I stop and look about 50-75 feet ahead and let my eye focus in on anything different from the surrounding landscapes color.It's amazing how a 2 inch long arrowhead can catch your eye from almost a hundred feet away. 2 of these may not look like points in the pictures, but there is much more noticable flaking on them then the photos show. I also walked a little bit into the woods on the edge of this field and found what looked like 3 or 4 burial mounds. I would never dream of digging into one of these and prefer to only pick up what I find on the surface in the 40 acre field nearby.

I have been talking alot about arrowheads lately to people I know. It seems almost everyone around here has, or knows someone with "buckets" of them sitting in the garage or attic. If you would like to see them displayed by someone who doesn't buy or sell them, but truly appreciates them for what they are, contact me. I will give them their own seperate page on this site. If you are a landowner in the Butler County Missouri area, and want someone to pick up those pesky sharp little rocks off of your ground...I'd be more than happy to help you out (wink,wink) please e-mail me.(I'm crop-friendly)

I have met 2 older people this week who have told me similar stories....when they were kids, there were so many points laying around, they just considered them, and used them, as skipping stones to throw into the creeks on their way to school!!!!!!!

June 18th, 2002

Well, today was the first day that I didn't find anything but broken points. I did find this hammer, which really surprised me because there are several bigger tools in this field, but they are almost always found broken. This hammer is in great condition.

It has ridges on the top edge that perfectly fit the fingers. You'll also notice a curve that matches perfectly to the curve where the right thumb joins the palm. I can't tell you how naturally this fits into your right hand. there is no doubt that this is how this tool was held. The head of the hammer also has been worn from striking.

So...although it was my first non-succesful hunt as far as arrowheads go, I did come home with a great hammer.

June 30th, 2002

Not the best outing. I did find one good one. It's kinda' different. The mosquitoes were getting bad,the soybeans were getting too big and the heat was miserable. So,this turned out to be my last hunt of the summer.

March 9th, 2003

Well Spring is here again and this is my first time out this year. The ground was dry making it hard to see anything. All I found were some pieces and this. It appears to be one that was only halfway completed. Maybe a wild pig gored him to death while he was making it...I dunno.

Seriously though, it was great to be back at it again and I can't wait for some rain so I can see the rocks better.

March 11th, 2003

I tried some new fields next to my usual ones today, but with the dirt still dry I didn't see much, so I went back across the road to my happy hunting ground. All I found were some more broken ones until I found this one on the left.I slowed down and next I found the one on the right, one of the best yet.This part of the field was loaded with pieces. I Can't wait for some rain, I will hunt this spot again as soon as it does.

March 16th, 2003

Today sucked. What else can I say. All I found were a few broken pieces. I did however win 250 dollars in the NASCAR pot while I was out hunting..ha ha. I MUST HAVE RAIN!

March 18th, 2003

IT RAINED LAST NIGHT! started out very slow. It took an hour just to find my first broken one. The weather was cool, and I wanted to take advantage of it because I knew there wouldn't be many days like this before the 100 degree temps and mosquitoes started, so I stuck to it. I was rewarded with my best single outing yet. The last one is a scraper. It was originally an arrowhead, but you can see where they re-shaped it after it broke.

Here all all of the broken pieces I've found. It makes me mad to find one of these that has been broken by farm equipment, but on the other hand, if the farmer hadn't plowed his field, I wouldn't have have found any of my points anyway...oh well.

If you'll notice, the pinkish one on the bottom center of the 2nd photo seems to belong to the piece above it. maybe someday, I'll find the middle of this one.



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