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Past Events 

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All photos are copyright to either members of Orkneys or  Marika Cotton. Always credit our photos whenever and wherever used, and only use for private or personal projects unless you have our prior permission. Thank you.

I have placed a small selection of some of the events that we have attended, to give you an overview.

Due to a shortage of server space all the following photos will be in thumbnail format.

Nottingham Castle: July 2003
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 Bosworth Battlefield Centre in Leicestershire, May 2002
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bosworth11.jpg (85103 bytes) drill1.jpg (96865 bytes) bosworth16.jpg (62323 bytes) bosworth12.jpg (72912 bytes)


Old Sarum Castle, Wiltshire: May 2002 

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Sarum19.jpg (36222 bytes) Sarum18.jpg (25582 bytes) Sarum23.jpg (43763 bytes) Sarum9.jpg (32959 bytes)


Hounslow, London: July 2002  
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Detling, Kent: September 2002  - bottom row (c) Nicole Kipar
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Detling2.jpg (240944 bytes) Detling4.jpg (196713 bytes) Detling1.jpg (249609 bytes) Detling7.jpg (167010 bytes)





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