'Nemo me impune lacessit'
(None shall provoke me with impunity)

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When presenting a display to the public we work hard to ensure that we portray many aspects of Marlburian army life of both men, women and children as authentically as possible. Consequently, there is a role for everybody, no matter what age, shape or size  they are or ability they have. Our present civilian members have a selection of crafts and skills including Sutlery and coffee making (in the Marlburian style), sewing and repairs and period document writing and research, Inkle weaving (a narrow woven colourful strap), luceting (a form of braid), and lacemaking with early 18th Century equipment. We always welcome new aspects of early 18th century portrayal. Our members have a large collection of period tents as we camp authentically, although if you don't own one/can afford one modern camping is usually available on the site. If you are good at sewing then we can supply patterns for all clothing. If you want more information about military or civilian life with Orkneys then contact us with your questions or enquiries.

Fancy trying out one of the roles below?:

Musketeer Soldier's Wives and family
Camp followers and Craftspeople Sutlers, both men and women
Field Surgeon, Cleric and other skills. Bagpipers and experienced Drummers

The founders of this re-enactment regiment aim to set a high standard of display, remembering also that this is a hobby and should be enjoyed by all the participants. We all come from a background packed with experience in re-enactment of 17th, 18th and early 19th century warfare, and now aim to fill a gap in British history between the English Civil Wars and the Jacobite rebellions that have, until recently (with the founding of other groups which we work with), been largely neglected in re-enactment circles.

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