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Last updated: 26th August 2005

E-mail me if you want to add a site, suggest your own and to let me know of broken links. Due to a major systems failure I have lost a couple of links sent to me. If you think one of them is yours please e-mail me them again.

Re-enactment groups with interests in our period:

Age of Marlborough Discussion group.
Colonel Holcroft Blood's Ordnance 1685-1715 UK based Artillery regiment.
1st or Royal British Grenadiers 1701-1715 American based. No website yet, e-mail only.
5e Regiment Gardes te voet Dutch Blue Guards of 1701 - 1714
Preobrazhensky Life Guards 1709 A new Russian group.
La Marina Pietro Micca 1706 Italian Marines from the Turin Area.
Gardes Françoises
A new French group 1715
History Re-enactment Workshop
UK civilian re-enactment group covering 1560-1710.
1st/Royal Regiment American George II version of Orkneys.
Dragoni Rossi An Italian group recreating 1693 in the region of Turin.
Pietro Micca Historical Group  Italian group recreating 1706 Turin Grenadiers.
The Duke of York and Albany's An American Maritime Regiment of Foote.
La Societe De La Compagnie Franche De La Marine A French-Canadian group.
Frederikstad A large Norwegian group who re-enact 1704.
Tordenskiolds Soldater Fladstrand A Danish group who re-enact the period 1709-1720.
Frasiers Highlander's UK based. Recreating the Jacobite Cause 1689 - 1750
Nerike Wermlands Caroliner A Swedish regiment covering 1700 - 1720.
Bagot's Hussars  18th century Scottish cavalry warfare.
La Fenice  An Italian 1690's group with photos of them in action. 
The 1685 Society   Monmouth Rebellion. 
Monmouth has Landed  Sedgemoor 1685 & Monmouth Rebellion.
L'Ages des Lumieres German civilian 18th century re-enactors.
The Lace Wars Society UK based mid-18th century re-enactors.
New France and Old England UK based French & Indian Wars.
Senior Service  UK based 18th Century Royal Navy.
The Fairfax Battalia  UK based group, covering 1642 - 1651, 1660, 1685.
The English Civil War Society  UK based historically accurate society portraying the English Civil War period and the Late Tudor Period.


Historical and Academic Sites:        

Fort Niagara Youngstown, NY. A fort dating back to 1678.
Society of Colonial Wars UK based which even HRH The Queen is a member.

Marteau's Journal Printed materials of the period 1660's - 1720's.
Marshal Vauban Homepages  European forts of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
The French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1704.  
The Glorious Revolution of 1688  Information of the Glorious Revolution of 1688. 
Queen Anne's War Forum American discussion site of 1700-1714.
Eighteenth Century England  An American University site.
Wildgeese Homepages Irish site for post-1688 events.
Nec Pluribus Impar  French site covering the first quarter of the 18th Century. 
Louis XIV  German site in English.
18th Century Midwife The diary of an American 18thc midwife.
Great Fire of London BBC site featuring animated Hollar's engravings.

Direct link to the house. Also contains  historical details about the first Marlborough's.

Costume Sites and Custom-made costume:

Kilol Fabrics Makers of wood-block print fabrics using 17th & 18th century techniques.
Vena Cava Designs  UK based. Findings for costume and corset makers. 
The Blinde Taylor of Abington Museum quality handsewn linen and tailoring.
The Silly Sisters  US based 18th century costumers.
The Colonial Taylor  How to re-create 18th century costume. New site. 
Hand Knit Hose How to knit your own authentic hose
Wooded Hamlet Designs  Authentic Haberdashers for re-enactors.
Steve Millingham, Pewterer UK based pewter replicas of costume accessories.
The Costumer's Manifesto US site for costume historians and seamstresses. 
Seams Historic UK based costumer.
Sarah Juniper UK based handsewn shoemaker.
The Staymaker  UK based Mantua and Corset maker.
Kitty Hats UK based Hatter for most periods.
Bjarne Drews  A Danish costumer.
Ninya Mikhaila  The costumer for the staff at Hampton Court Palace, London.


Pattern Makers:

Sharon Burnston How to make your own 18th Century baby's clothing.
Tin Box Patterns How to make Gaiters for the experienced [Adobe required].
Fig Leaf Patterns A ready-made pattern for a c.1700 Jumps.
Kannicks Korner Excellent patterns for a Manteau de Lit and caps.
J.P.Ryan  US based pattern drafter from historical sources.
La Fleur de Lyse Canadian re-enactment group supplying patterns.
Fig Leaf patterns Sells patterns taken only from original garments.
A Baby and Toddler pattern, to cover from head to foot including Diapers/Nappies [Kannicks]
Costume Construction Tips Everything you ever wanted to know about costume construction and wish someone had told you ten years ago, dammit!

Historical and Military Book Suppliers:

Paul Meekins Books UK based military and costume book specialist.

Equipment Suppliers:

Smiling Fox Forge US based 18th century supplier.
Carl Giordano Tinsmith US based who makes all kinds of tin devices
Cooperman Drum, fife and drumstick maker. US based.
Marcus Music Historic drum and instrument maker. UK based.
Albion Small Arms  UK based musket makers.
Otter Creek Rifle Works American based trader.
Armourclass  Scottish based sword makers for re-enactors.
Interknife  UK based knife makers for re-enactors.
Historic Games  US based period games for re-enactors. 
Loyalist  Arms  Makers of muskets and cannons. 
Military Metalwork UK based makers of regalia & military hats.
JAS Townsend  US based 18th century specialist supplier.
Smoke & Fire  US based 18th century suppliers.
G. Gedney Godwin  US based 17th & 18th century supplier.
Clay Pipes Canadian company who make re-production pipes.

The Original Re-enactors Market
The large bi-annual event in the UK visited by re-enactors from all over the world. Come here in the 'off' season to stock up on your kit.

Kalamazoo Living History Show
The American version, and the world's largest with 10,000 participants.


Kyoto Institute Costume Collection Japan based with searchable web database.
Bath Museum of Costume UK based costume museum.
The Fan Museum  London based museum.
The National Army Museum London based museum of British military history.
The Tower of London. Housing famous arms & armour.
Royal Armouries Leeds UK based & housing the largest military arms collection.
Fort Nelson UK based Artillery Museum. Home of the impounded famous Iraqi 'Supergun'.
The Victoria and Albert Museum  London based.
The Costume Institute Metropolitan Museum, NY, USA.

Interesting Sites:

Infanterie Regiment Von Donop US based 18th century Hessians.
21e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne A European Napoleonic group.
18th century Drumming - A practical guide.
How to spot bad re-enactors - a sponsors guide - read it if you dare!

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