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Lord Orkneys Regiment of Foote

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The Orkneys recruitment plan was going well...

We are a military regiment who bring to life the campaigns of Marlborough and his world during the reign of Queen Anne by portraying Lord Orkney's Regiment, the ancestor of the modern Royal Scots Regiment.  Founded in 2001 to re-create the war of the Spanish Succession of 1701 - 1714 (called Queen Anne's War in America), the initial impetus was to equip and train a unit of soldiers to bridge a gap in this under-represented period of British History. The regiment undertakes displays to promote interest in the period, and having links with European groups enables us to travel to the continent too. Other wars took place in the same period, including the Great Northern Wars, and we occasionally attend these re-created events too. We represent the military and associated civilian aspect of the Duke of Marlborough's campaigns, with the regiment already having worked with English Heritage, Event Plan and Tower Armouries to name but a few.

Members to date come from diverse backgrounds including Teaching, Archaeology, IT support, and Security. We even have ex-servicemen from the Royal Scots. The group is family friendly and we welcome recruits (men, women and families), potential sponsors of events, links with other group and societies, scholars of the period and any information relating to the early 18th century.

For more information, contact us. We will be pleased to answer any queries you may have. 

If you are researching your family tree then visit the Royal Scots web site where historical information is clearly laid out.

Even America was involved in the war, although in a more remote way. The raid of Deerfield Village in Massachusetts in 1704 was one such notorious event, when the French with native Mohawk and Huron Warriors attacked, looted and destroyed the English settlement. Also visit the 'Queen Anne's War Forum' to ask questions and learn more.

Join in with Marlburian re-enactors around the world!

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