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Hiring Us

For re-enactment contact Christine Wisken at chriswisk (at) btinternet.com, who can discuss with you all the minutiae and help you decide on the best event for you for military events. Don't forget to leave your contact details.

A typical Living History display will involve the activities around a soldier’s temporary camp, such as drilling, cooking and weapons maintenance, with the culmination of a battle or skirmish 'spectacular'. The members interact with the public to ‘show and tell’ equipment. Most shows will also include drill displays and even the occasional skirmish, either against the French or Jacobite sympathisers. Some of our members speak other languages, including German, Dutch/Flemish and French. Film work has so far been extras and background. Our equipment is highly authentic so close-up shots are easy to arrange. Photo shoots have so far included stately home leaflets and historical advertisements for events and magazines. We can also arrange for other groups to attend for larger events.

Alternatively, we have professional school teachers and trained adult lecturers amongst our membership if you want to book us for:

  • Talks or lectures on the Marlburian Wars

  • Talks on period weapons 

  • Talks and practical workshops on clothing, lacemaking and period clothing construction

  • Film work and photo sessions

  • A military display at a historical fair or fete

Some members are available for travel to other countries, which is currently used to great effect by places such as Colonial Williamsburg. For American groups the author of this web site [a professional archaeologist] currently lectures on 1st person 'English' costumed interpreting, 17th and 18th century Lacemaking with practical sessions, pattern cutting, fitting and hand sewing period costume, English culture, textiles etc.

Our diary, as well as the year's schedule is flexible, but if you want to guarantee us to come to your event please book early, as our diary fills up in winter and spring of each year. You can book us all the year round, depending on the event.

Your main contact - an introduction...


Christine Wisken has re-enacted and organised many events for nearly 30 years and consequently can offer advice and expertise in all areas you may have concerns about. Contact her here

Our mission statement: to promote through display, talks, drill and skirmishes the British history of the Wars of the Spanish Succession, The Duke of Marlborough and his campaigns, Queen Anne and her court, costume (Lower class as well as 'the gentry') and uniform, military and civilian life on campaign and at home. Paul Wisken has now retired but continues to be an active member of Orkneys. 










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