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Blindheim 2004

Re-enactors  from all over Europe and the America's meet up for battle

Report of the event: Part 1
More pictures: Part 2
All pictures are ©Orkneys

Link to the local newspaper in Höchstädt
showing 47 pages of photos of the battle [thanks to Blood's for providing the link]

blin2.JPG (50589 bytes)

After two days of driving through England, France, Belgium and Germany, we finally make it to Blindheim on Tuesday morning.

blin4.JPG (211319 bytes)

As we arrived we were greeted by the sight of this derelict farm building next to the campsite. It was built in 1604 and was one of the two mills mentioned by M. Tallard and Marlborough in their letters as marking the place where it was safe to cross the marshland towards the battlefield. Sadly this building is now condemned, but much loved by the locals who wish to save it from destruction. 

Interestingly, all the water for our campsite came from its original well which has the reputation of being the cleanest water in the area, cleaner even than Blindheim's tap water [or so the locals told us].


blin5.JPG (190181 bytes) The news of our event had spread far and wide. Journalists from Munich were interviewing us. Even National Geographic came and took pictures. This lovely family who spoke excellent English traveled for two hours so they could come and see us. Orkney's youngest member [with sword] had fun playing with the boys. Language barriers appeared to be no problem throughout the event as our children from Italy, England and Germany mixed and played football together on the campsite.  blin3.JPG (130346 bytes) Its Tuesday night, 11pm and the locals still insist on coming into our campsite. At two am we had lowered the barrier and glances across from our campfire showed that people were still attempting to come and talk to us! The event is still several days away.
blin6.JPG (125385 bytes) Wednesday: The last three days in Germany were extremely hot. 30C average temperatures.  We all broke out in a sweat with little effort and were constantly pestered by thousands of flies. Orkney's nominate Linda as 'Fly Whacker General' and present her with a fly swat.
Then, disaster strikes. At around 6pm the region is suddenly and unexpectedly struck by the worse storms in 20 years. Trees snap, rain is torrential and wind is extreme. When we return to our campsite after a shopping trip we find all our tents destroyed.
blin7.JPG (156200 bytes) After the storm we survey the damage and rebuild our tents. The Blindheim residents were fantastic and gave us shelter, blankets, beds and somewhere to dry all our drenched clothes overnight. In the morning we find our kettle crushed but thankfully little other damage. Some of our possessions had been blown away by the wind and lost. Locals told me that a mini-tornado had struck the area and was making weather news.
blin8.JPG (184812 bytes) Our toilets, cunningly disguised as a reed bed, mysteriously survive the storm and a huge branch that broke off the tree above them. blin9.JPG (119719 bytes) That evening, our tent gathers an international repertoire and we learn how to shout rude stuff in Norwegian, Breton, Dutch, Czech  and German...thanks to Stein for the excellent Norwegian lessons ;-)

The event now begins in earnest and opens to the public officially. Back in the camp site we found re-enactors from Britain, Norway, America, Holland, Italy, France, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany. 

Part 2 

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