American Legion Riders of Missouri.  Chapter 1

Meeting Minutes

18 Aug 2003



CALL TO ORDER: by Jim David @1900




INTRODUCTION OF NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS: Guests: A. Poppe, J. Crawford, Eddie (did not get last name), J. Moore  New Members: Greg Benton, George Trowbridge and Larry Midget.



a.      Secretary: Read previous months minutes, motion made by J. Schwent for acceptance as read, 2nd by W. Wallace, motion passes unanimously by chapter.


b.       Treasurer: Beginning balance: $3000.17, dues: $60.00, Branson Raffle: 197.00, Patches and Name Tapes: $29.00, Collected for J. Neushe  $230.00, 50/50: $61.00, Total: $3577.17  Expenses:  Winner of Branson Raffle (who?), $250.00, J. Davids Hotel in Jeff City: $60.00, Donation to J. Neushe: $460.00, Purchase of 203rn En Bn Pins: $92.00, Donation to Post 162 (for USO Charity Ride): $50.00, Total paid out: $912.67, Ending Balance: $2664.50 Motion made by J. Schwent for acceptance, 2nd by J. Vogel, passed unanimously by Chapter.


c.       Asst. Director: None/Absent


d.      SGT at Arms/Run Coordinator: None


e.       Parliamentarian: None: K. Bruegmann says we are doing a great job!


f.        Membership Chairman: (T. Watts):  45 members, 2 honorary members




USO Charity Ride: Be at Soldiers Memorial NLT 1200hrs, Depart O’Fallon Memorial at 1000 hrs. Travel to Jeff. Barracks Cemetary, escorted by St. Louis City Police Dept., Tour cemetary, have a ceremony at the flag pole, then go to American Legion Post 162 for a reception. All members are encouraged to participate/attend.

J. Schwent will be in charge of operations at the Memorial., S. Squires, K. Buese, and A. Brauch will take care of the Campground area, D. Turner will be in charge of parking at Post 162.



7 Sep, 1400 Bike Show at Garden View Nursing Home, all members are encouraged to attend.

14 Sep. Hartbaur /McBride Poker Run starting at Bob Schulz H-D Dealership, sign up starting at 1000, run starts at 1200.

19 Sep. POW/MIA Day Rememberance Day, Ceremony at the O’Fallon Walk, starts at 1900. A.L.R., Chapter 1 has been asked to transport the flame form city hall to the memorial site. They would also like the A.L.R. to have all members online as an Honor Guard fpr the other VSO’s to pass through. Chapter 1 will meet at City Hall at 1800, depart NLT 1830 in parade uniform, ceremony will consist of speakers and lighting of the eternal flame.

4 Oct. Picnic/Ride for A.L.R. Chapter One @ location: TBD, time: TBD, k. Bues and C. Brauch will have more info later.





A.L.R. Riders Flag-we need one, T. Watts will research

A.L.R. Visibility in various ceremonies.veterans events in the St. Cahrles County Area.

J. Davis briefs new members and guests on the A.L.R. vest and parade uniform. The front is open, all we ask is that the American Flag is the highest patch on the left side. The back is limited to ONLY the American Legion Riders Patch. Parade uniform is the A.L.R. Vest, black pants, black boots, white button down shirt, either long sleeve or short. The hat is optional depending on if we are allowed to ride with out helmets.

There was a discussion on how we present ourselves as an Honor Guard at functions. What is our head gear all do all members render the hand salute?  All members will salute, we will practice drill and ceremonies at the end of the next meeting to be on line with the POW/MIA Ceremony.

3. Sep is the next A.L.R. officers meeting. Meeting is opened to all members who want to participate.


50/50: Total:$122.00  Amount Won: $66.00 Drawn By: J. Crawford Won By: S. Squires, who donated winnings back to the Chapter


CLOSE: Motion made by J. Schwent to adjourn meeting, second by T. Watts, meeting adjourned by J. David at 2010 hrs.

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