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I love getting naked with my friends as often as possible we go up to the attic it seems more naughty I love the exiciting tingle I get down my spine when I orgasm I seem to let go of everything I know it sounds strange but when I orgasm I spurt my juices even wet myself sometimes is there anyone els that does that please email me.

My friends told me to join one of these live cam shows she does it and said its great fun but I dont know what to do I might, I,ll let you know if I do.


Hi Everybody I have been really busy these last few months but I'm yours from now on, take a look at this great web site its good fun, let me introduce you to Melissa she's one of my best mates and really sexy so experienced she does everything, not shy like me, you can even meet people who want to date in your area and you get to chat and see them first, iFriends is a cool place because it has a FREE MEMBERSHIP and you can go there and watch other peoples webcams or show off on your own webcam. You don't even need a camera or special software or anything to watch webcams sign up free, look up melissa and click on barely legal 18

Squatting on the floor, I used both hands to hold her labia apart, and worked my tongue inside her, stroking her clit. Amber immediately started rocking her hips against my face, moaning. She shuddered as I flicked her clit with my tongue, then sighed as I stroked it gently.
Making a half-circle with my tongue, I enveloped her clit and rasped my tongue against it. Amber started to cry out... "Ah! Ah! Ah!" with each movement, and grabbed my head, tangling her fingers in my hair painfully. I could sense from the tension in her fingers and the pitch of her cries that she was ready. I backed off slightly, repositioning my lips, and sucked hard, the nub of her clit between my lips.
Rubbing her clit with my tongue, I felt her tense and heard her groan, as my tongue pressed her quivering body, Amber's warm juices gushed over my lips running down my breasts over my erect nipples.


cum on boys dont be shy!! I want Amber to Join me in a twosome, Im getting horny just thinking of her orgasm, her juices flowing over my tongue and down my breasts while I finger myself, I love pushing my clit up to her's as she spurts over it, feeling her hard clit against mine is something that blows me away where great together and I know she would get turned on even more knowing where being watched, so come on lads leave a message for her in the guestbook

P.S no shit comments or put downs please

Melissa xx

In the mean time enjoy my pics and keep looking in as I.ll post more pics as I take them let me know what you think and should I join too,

Love Amber xxx

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