Well, as you already found out my name is Kate...I am registered German Shepherd Dog with the CKC, so I also have a fancy name that no one uses...On paper I am "Mesha's Music CGC NAC." Pretty spiffy eh? Those little letters at the end stand for titles that me and my mom have earned...We are working on a CD aswell...But it is slow going because I sometimes fall back into a behaviour problem that me and mom are working through called Fear Aggression. But Mom says I am doing excellent and that I really am a good girl...Anyway...back into the story...
All about Kate!
I came to my mom's house when I was 12 weeks old. I wasn't socialised properly as a little baby, and my real mom and dad were a little on the nervous side aswell, so although some of my behaviour problems are environmental, most of it is genetic. My mom set right into socialising me...she took me everywhere...even to school and on the bus! I went to dog shows to watch Tina and make new friends...Things were going pretty good until I was almost a year old...then I realised that the whole world was gonna get me...So I became real scared of everything and got it into my head that I had to get everyone...It was hard work keeping on the look out all the time until Mom taught  me that she would look after me, and that I shouldn't worry about anything...It is super hard though and sometimes I forget...but mostly I am good.
I just turned four on September 2, 2002  and I am a BIG girl now. Well, as big as you can be when you only weigh 52lbs. I have lots of favorite things to do, the top one being agility. I love to jump, climb, and run over all the  equipment. It is by far the best thing I have ever done! I do alot of agility competitions, mostly in the AAC...I recently moved to the "Specials" Class (where else would a princess be??) and now I don't have to reach so high on the wall, or stretch so much to get over the big jumps...At our last trial in Medicine Hat I had three qualifying runs!!!! It was very fun...I love staying in hotels...(you get to jump on the beds ya know!)
I also love my tennis balls.  I carry one with me all the time, just in case mom wants to throw it for me!  And I like to do silly little tricks that mom  taught me. They make me feel really important and I love to show off...My favorite trick is to WAVE and then BOW at all my fans...
Mom also makes me do obedience. I don't like the old way of obedience where it was not very fun for me, but now mom does this new thing  called Clicker Training and it drives me wild! I will do anything for mom now...It is so much fun....I especially love the "Recall" and the "Finish" I jump around to moms side and get extra treats if I do it fast!
I have been to one Obedience Trial back in July2002 and I got High in Class with 190/200! I was so happy...Mom took lots of pictures...It was a good day...that Judge...Jeff Lunder was so nice to me and mom...even though she was very nervous...We had a great time and I can't wait until the next one!
Well I am sure that you have heard enough about me...Keep Checking back for updates..I am going to an agility trial in November so there will be good news to report!!!!
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