You are assigned roles of Mother Hen, Everybody's Nanny, General Director of Traffic, or Mum and Dad's Helper.  At first, you were flattered, then later felt weighed down with responsibilities.

Your younger brothers and sisters believe you were BORN IN CHARGE of the busy world around you.

You were pressured to grow up quickly, and if you didn't rebel or withdraw under the weight of it all, then you grew up putting the pressure on yourself to continually excel.

If you felt pressured and pushed around, you'll look for someone else to manipulate, dominate, push around, and bully.  Show us a bully or a nagger, and we'll show you someone who has been bullied or nagged.

If you were close to both or one of your parents (usually Dad), then you probably remained single for a long time, and became a "substitute" wife to Dad.  This is particularly so if he is widowed or divorced.

If you were not close to your parents, you probably left home at the earliest opportunity.

As a way to vent anger at your dependency needs never being met within your family, you could opt for rebellion, or drowning your pain in drugs and alcohol - though this is more common for the
OLDEST BOYYou are more likely to become depressed.

If you are willing to let others see you need help, you may consider it the end of the world to be the helpee, rather than the helper.  If you can shelve your pride long enough to let them know of your distress, people will rush to your aid.

But you will rarely let them see your unfortunate state of affairs or feelings, and are inclined to wait until in truly dire straits.  Don't be so proud and headstrong that you have to become a disaster, in order to obtain your fair share of necessary comforts.  All of us need the support and help of others, in order to survive in a world of many stresses and strains - even you!

In general, you feel more comfortable with other females.

You will probably not get along too well with
OLDEST BOYS.  Although you will have many similarities - responsibility, perfectionism, and introversion tendencies - the differences in your personalities are more crucial.

He's more inclined to be silent, and look down on your concern of difficult issues as trivial.

He is stubborn,and unwilling to see or do anything about the problems of personal interaction.  You are acutely aware of these, and able to articulate emotions clearly,
MORE THAN ANY OTHER BIRTH ORDER.  Although he is extremely verbally skilled, it is only on ideas and theories.

Also, you both lack patience.

If he had a sister, or you a brother, you were used to co-operation with little back-talk.  But if he had only brothers, and you only sisters, you will both get along best with members of the opposite sex who are younger than you, and later-born in their family.

You like to be in charge of yourself and others, and are reluctant to let anyone else take on the responsibilities.  You must relax and modify your efforts at control - let go, sit back, and listen to the music - your own, and others.

Second only to
YOUNGER SISTER OF an OLDER BROTHER, you have the toughest time of all in the love department.  You often subconsciously choose a partner who is unable to give you much emotional support when you need it.  Even you, believe it or not, have a right to be frightened, unsure, and in need of help.
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