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November 18, 1999

"How Can We Ever Forget What Happened Here?"

The families of each student wishes to say " Thank You" to each one for visiting this site.

...a memorial...
October 2008 has marked the end of the legal issues regarding this dark day in Nov 1999...it did not bring back the 12, nor did it remove the memory from the living... but at least it is past... and we can just remember the young people.. life went on after they left, but the space they left empty will never be filled... WE WILL REMEMBER! Update Nov 11, 2008 Nothing can reverse time to bring the lost ones back to their home and family. Time marches on, but these young people are now ageless. Texas A&M University campus is now home to the Aggie Bonfire Memorial.

The memorial was built on the site where Bonfire collapsed in the wee hours of the morning Nov. 18, 1999, while students worked on the final stages of construction. The portals and granite stones of the memorial’s circle, known as the Spirit Ring, symbolize the 12 Aggies who died and 27 others who were injured when the 40-foot stack of logs came crashing down. Each 14-foot-tall portal opens to the center of the memorial and faces the hometown of the Aggie it honors. “The idea is that the people who died that night became the missing links to the portal. By stepping into the portal, a person fills the void left by each fallen Aggie.” THE EAGLE, JUNE 27, 2004

The memorial was dedicated on the fifth anniversary of the tragedy. To their families, I want to say......We have not forgotten....We will not forget!


The banner headlines from Friday November 19,1999
"The Eagle"
proclaimed the shock and disbelief of A&M and the surrounding communities,
a shock which was felt by Aggies around the nation
and around the world.

Photo from Dallas Morning News
Bonfire99 just a day before the fall

November the 18th, 1999, the midnight to 6am shift had begun.
The students had worked weeks and mighty Bonfire was nearing completion.

In the wee hours of the morning, Bonfire quaked and in the space of seven seconds Twelve dedicated Aggies slipped the worldly bonds and others were trapped beneath the fallen logs of the structure. This moment in Time is captured within many memories. Let Bonfire's of the Future Burn in their honor, and when we light a candle..let the flame be a memorial to them.


(Pictured left to right)
(Click links to go to tributes, and come again soon, for more will be added as time permits) Christopher Lee Heard '03 - Houston, Texas
Jeremy Richard Frampton '00 - Turlock, California
Lucas John Kimmel '03 - Corpus Christi,Texas
Jerry Don Self '01 - Arlington, Texas
Jamie Lynn Hand '03 - Henderson, Texas
Christopher D.Breen '96 - Austin Texas
Nathan Scott West '02 - Bellaire, Texas
Bryan Allen McClain '02- San Antonio, Texas
Miranda Denise Adams '02 - Santa Fe, Texas
Chad Anthony Powell '02 - ..... Keller, Texas
Michael Stephen Ebanks '03 - Carrollton, Texas

Timothy Doran Kerlee, Jr. '03 - Bartlett, Tennessee

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..We Will REMEMBER..

Silver Taps

UPDATE! Nov. 18, 2002
John Comstock, the last Aggie hospitalized from injuries sustained in the fall of Bonfire99, is on the road to recovery....
and please send uplifting mail to

Mail John Here

John Comstock
Thank you.

This page is under construction. Much will be added, including more tributes to the TWELVE.
If you have anything that you wish to share here in this special place, a poem..a letter, a photo, please send us an e-mail.

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