Thanks for stopping by... this is just a place for me to put up some of the stories I've written.  I really like to write and consider it a hobby, but I don't do it too much so I suppose I can't really consider myself a writer yet.

Some of these I think are pretty good, most I think are terrible, but they are all available for you to read because without anyone reading them I can't get any better.  Feel free to offer any constructive criticism or complements by emailing me at adam.czar @

Newer stories are toward the bottom and you need Adobe Reader to read them.  If you don't like Adobe Reader because it takes too long to load, shorten the load time by downloading this program.

  • Reflection
    • Had this idea for quite some time, since high school really, after reading a comic that followed a similar story line.
  • Fireworks for Jordan
    • A simple case of misunderstanding, right?
  • Celestial Solitude
    • I was watching Apollo 13 and got this idea.
  • Robbing Bobby Marshall
    • I tried too hard to give this a twist that I gave it away too soon.
  • Boiling Point
    • One of my favorites--I got up in the middle of the night and started writing this one.
  • Ripping Therapy
    • Not really meant to be funny, but kind of is, I suppose.  My original idea was to demonstrate the stupidity of being an RA.
  • Foundations
    • My longest, so far, and also one of my favorites just because I scared myself when writing it.
  • Beginning's End
    • Just a stupid reaction to hearing the news that Enterprise was cancelled.  This is a Star Trek story so you won't understand it.  I am a dork.

I'm lookin' for a job!

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