Why This Organization Came into Picture?


After the removal of Maithili language from BPSC and Intermediate examination  and many more step-motherly treatment to Maithil people by the govt.  all 27 working Maithili Organization came under single palteform on 19th June 1993 and formed  "Antarrastriya Maithili Parishad". Since then, we are trying to make this organization a common platform for the people of mithila irrespective of their Cast, Creed and and geographical location. We have interconnected remaining organization working for mithila cause with this. Our worker is spread all  the district of Mithila and other important place in India and abroad started working and to our most delight, we won a place for Maithili Language, in the Eighth Schedule of  constitution of India.  After doing a commendable social service for more than a decade , we are all set  to reach our dotcom crowd. This website will be a means of communication for our people who are spread to almost all part of the globe. So, we are the flag bearer for a social reform in Mithila. Please give us your support to make our voice stronger. To contribute your moral support please click here to Join us.

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